November 23rd, 2006

Asta 2

The Nine

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Is anyone making 'Is it 2007 yet?' icons? I know I need one. Yet another co-worker was dealt some devestating news about a family member today. And heap this on top of general work insanity and I just want to sleep until January.
Asta 2

Happy Turkey Day!

I decided to peruse LJ before Mom comes over. I think we are heading out to see The Fountain, which has gotten very mixed reviews, but, hey, it's Hugh!

The kick ass wisteria_ has found a link to a new promo airing on Sci-Fi for 'Unfinished Business'. It totally reveals what happened between Lee and Kara to bring them to the point they are now and it's freaking me out that I predicted the scenerio several weeks ago when beccatoria and I were discussing spoilers. So, yeah, big old spoiler warning, but if you plan on watching Sci-Fi or any NBC/Universal stations between now and next Friday there is a chance you'll run across the commercial.

David Eick's video blog has been updated It's EJO on the set filming and discussing 'Hero' so there is mothing spoilery.