November 27th, 2006

Asta 2

Weekend Wrap Up

Eep! I just bought a printer (with scanning capability!) online and one I never looked at in a store. But a) it was a Canon, which is the brand I wanted b) it’s well reviewed and c) Amazon had a really good price on it. Plus free shipping and I can avoid the stores. Wheeee!!! Hopefully, it will be here by next weekend so I can start printing stuff I need to be printing.

I also downloaded a decent photo manipulating program last night which I’m trying to get the hang of. It doesn’t have some of the features my old adobe software on my old computer had and I miss those features terribly, but I can’t master anything complicated in the next couple weeks nor do I have the extra money at the moment to spend on actual software. Now, if I don’t find something to help me format cards people may be getting flyers this year. ;p

Ok, I confess, I downloaded Stargate Atlantis: The Return Pt 2 and I may have enjoyed it. I feel so much shame. Collapse )

After the dumbasses at ABC took The Nine away, I should be severely tempted to turn my back on the network, but, damn, Ugly Betty just gets better and better each week. I looooved last weeks episode and not for Betty, but for Daniel who rocked in so many ways. Collapse )
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