December 1st, 2006

Asta 2

GIP! And BSG Podcasting Extraveganza!

Look at my new icon that widget285 made! Idea inspired by romanticalgirl and text by moi! And the three of us plus inlovewithnight and novlingman get it! I'm thinking everyone else may have had to have been there. ;)

And k_julia wrote me sekrit fic to cheer me up! I have the bestest friends. :)

OK, my weekend was already going to be consumed by 'Unfinished Business', but I just discovered that the podcast for 'Hero' and three for writers meetings are up. I'd wish for being snowed in tomorrow (we may get a foot of snow), but I fear losing power.

Now off to begin listening!

ETA: Oops! Corrected the link. Not the Jamie, James, Tahmoh podcast from the other night. They are podcasts for writers meetings. Dang.

ETA2: This seems to be a writer's meeting from last season. They are talking about 'Scar'. Eh. Maybe I'll try the 'Hero' podcast.

ETA3: For writteninstars - your TV boyfriend looks cute with the curly hair. But, John McGinley? What was he thinking???