December 5th, 2006

Asta 2

BSG Roundtable Discussion

Just an FYI, the BSG podcast with Jamie, James, Tahmoh, Ron, Terry, Henry (a friend of Jamie's from school), and Mark Sheppard (a guest star) is up. It can be found here. I'm listening right now and they are discussing season 1 and '33'....OMG they were almost on UPN??? Um, anyway, it's kind of interesting, but beware of four people talking over each other at any given time. It's also three hours long so I'm highly doubting I'll get through it all tonight. No earth shattering revelations or insights thus far, but if I hear anything interesting I'll let you know.
Asta 2

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OK, I left on Studio 60 tonight and I'm sure I just heard no_detective squee very, very loudly. ;-)

Speaking of squeeing, I have a new toy. The USB cable finally showed and I set up my copier/printer/scanner and I scanned! IT'S SO COOL! I can share stuff now! And Canon provided me with some nifty photo editing software with features similar to my old Adobe softeware, plus a few cool new features, and I think I could actually make icons if I find the time and inclination. Wheeee!!!

So, yeah, expect more pic spam from me in the future. :) To start things off, a little something I came across recently in a magazine that a few of you may find of interest. Dedicated to inlovewithnight who was stressing a bit today. Collapse )

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