December 13th, 2006

Asta 2

Before I Forget...

The David Duchovny directed episode of Bones airs tonight. I'd love it if he makes a cameo as an FBI agent, but I won't get my hopes too high.

More stuff later. ;-)
Asta 2

LJ's At It Again

They've changed the Update Journal Page.   I don't know how I feel about this.  Now you change your userpic and journal you are posting to at the top and everything else at the bottom of the page.  I guess it makes sense since you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to post and then can determine your mood, music, etc.  Of course, they've managed to mess up the HTML view.  I can't post a pic from my gallery soooo I'm giving Rich Text a try.

I managed to get cards and packages mailed out today.  Wheeee!  One hurdle jumped.  And everything should arrive before Christmas.  Now I just have a fic I have to complete.

I saw the new BSG promo that ran during Pt 2 of The Lost Room.  Far more interesting than the mini series.  Plus there is a new David Eick video blog featuring Jamie, Michael Trucco, and Michael Rymer.  It's highly spoilery, but I would recommend checking it out after the ep airs because it's one of the most interesting blog entries I've seen.  It gives you a really good inside view as to how the director and actors work out a scene.

And today is the birthday of the wise, witty, funny, talented and all around swell fer1213HAPPY BIRTHDAY FER !!! 

I had this idea to do a twleve days of Christmas type thing and looks like I have to start today if I want to do it!  sdwolfpup is doing Twelve Days of Fangirl Christmas and I had a very similar idea. Maybe I shall call mine the Twelve Days of Pretty.   And since it's fer1213's birthday I'm starting with an interest of hers.  :)

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Sorry the picture is so tiny.  I had trouble finding a decent quality image. 

Bones is good, but I can't say this Duchovny directed ep is any better than any other recently.  Though I have to wonder if Bones remark about the truth was DD's addition. ;)

Now off to prepare to bake *again*.  I know too many people with birthdays this week. 

ETA: Oh, editing in Rich Text is so much fun! ::sarcasm::