December 24th, 2006

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Finally A Post With Some Substance

I’ll be going into work shortly. I know, on Christmas Eve. I was going to go in yesterday, but I found out Friday that at least one person in my department plus my boss were coming in to work and while neither would intend to interrupt me, sometimes that just can’t help bugging me with questions. And since I have no plans today I might as well go in when I’m assured some peace and quiet. Plus I can take in my laptop and watch DVDs.

Maybe I’ll watch the rest of the Star Wars trilogy that danceswithwords was kind enough to get me. I started ‘A New Hope’ last night. The original version before George decided to make ‘improvements’. I still adore that film and giving it will be thirty years old next year it holds up amazingly well. As much as I was feeling all nostalgic, it also occurred to me how corrupted I’ve become by The Internets and YOU all. I’m contemplating doing a post listing all the lines that now seem to have a double meaning. And I found myself wondering how much Luke/Han slash was out there. Sigh.

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Yesterday was cleaning day. I can see my kitchen countertop and living room floor again! And I have clean clothes! And I finally opened up my mail that has been piling up for over a week! So here is the great holiday card round-up. Many thanks to…mirandaflynn, nolivingman, romanticalgirl, widget285 (Cookie Lee! :), shmarollynn, thomasina75, joools, drc1,jonesiexxx, jidabug, cathyteach2 (the girls are adorable!), keswindhover, gobi_rex, reckleslinguist, and wickedgillie (The kids! Too cute!). OK, I probably missed someone. Please let me. I've enjoyed each and every one of the cards and some very kind words. I've also noticed a cat theme this year. ;)

And a Very Happy Birthday! to the one and only thegoyle. May your birthday not be overshadowed by another significant one. ;)

Now off to work. When I return I shall need to work on the final day of Christmas. Only one more pic spam to go. :(
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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas.....

It's Christmas Eve which means the end of pic spam.  As I told lynnb , next year I'll actually put some planning into this.  I don't believe an explanation is necessary for this one.  I think you knew this was coming.  And, if not, here's a hint, who haven't I featured yet? ;)

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