December 31st, 2006

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The End Is Near!

Of 2006 anyway. ;-)

I went back to my posts of a year ago to look at what resolutions I made and achieved or, more likely, failed to achieve and I discovered…I made none. Well, that’s one way to go. I can’t really think of any grand declarations I want to make for this coming year. I can go with the old standards of procrastinating less, being better organized, finding more time to write, and after the past couple weeks, eating healthier. I don’t even like to think about the junk food consumption as of late. Today alone I’ve had soda, movie theatre popcorn, a giant chocolate chunk cookie, and a most excellent chocolate truffle courtesy of divahag.

Maybe I'll try venturing to the store tomorrow to buy some healthy food. Unbelievably, I have nothing I feel I have to do tomorrow. I can just relax and do nothing if I want. Though, I think shall start burning shows off the DVR. I have about 64 hours of programming sitting on it right now. :/

This evening I have no plans other than TV watching and sleeping. I’ve never gotten the big deal about celebrating New Year’s and I’d rather not be on the road with all the drunk drivers. I did go out this afternoon and saw Dreamgirls which I would highly recommend seeing if you are a fan of musicals. All the hype about Jennifer Hudson is totally deserved. OMG, my breath actually hitched in my chest a few times during her big number. She owns that movie and I wish her well with the best supporting actress Oscar which I’m sure she’ll be nominated for. She should be in the lead category, she’s in more of the film than Beyonce and out performs her in every single way, but Helen Mirren is considered a lock for The Queen so she'll have to throw her hat in the ring for supporting actress.

Beyonce, though she did not have as strong a voice as any of her female co-stars nor was her acting as good, was actually well cast in the role of someone with not as much talent as those around her, but with a pretty face and a “quality” about her. Here Deena is a product much as she is herself and Diane Ross who the character is based on.

I saw a bunch of unremarkable trailers accept for Shrek the Third which looks to have the potential to be funnier than the last film.

After the movie, mom and I came back to my apartment and I made her watch Little Miss Sunshine. (That and the CD arrived Friday raislak – thanks! :-) Fortunately, she found it lived up to my hype. If any of you have not seen that film yet, do so immediately.

There are a bunch of meme’s going around. The one regarding favorite fandom moments over the past year peaked my interest. Collapse )

While cleaning out the bookmarked sites on my computer the other night, I came across AOL’s In2TV and discovered they now have nine episodes of ‘Eyes’ available for viewing. For those interested in another Tim Daly show axed too quickly by ABC, check it out.

I received two more holiday cards. Many thanks to thegoyle and hockeyvaughnfan I’d also like to wish hockeyvaughnfan a slightly early HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great day.

And A Very Happy New Year to you all. I wish you all a safe evening and only wonderful things in the 365 days to come. :-)