March 3rd, 2007

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The Other Podcast for 'A Day in the Life'

Aparently this was posted along with the podcast for 'Drity Hands' and I missed it. Or perhaps it was wishful thinking. ;)

I should have known that after two good podcasts the streak wouldn’t continue. If anyone listened to the podcast for ‘Black Market’ or read any write ups about it you may recall how Ron went on and on and on about how bad the episode turned out to be. Well, he’s back to the self flagellation. I will give Ron points for his honesty because, frankly, how many creators of shows will admit when something failed to work and take responsibility for it? However, listening to 44 minutes of what didn’t work, why, and how it was a struggle from beginning to end does get rather old. I actually debated scanning past parts, but since it was the rare occasion when he talked significantly about Lee I ended up afraid to miss anything.

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Asta 2

Stargate Season 5

I'm officially at the half way point and about to begin the Year of Jonas. Poor Bastard.

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And here’s a movie meme that several people have done that I last read on sdwolfpup’s LJ.

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So as I was typing all this up I was watching Poseidon and, I have to say, it's not that bad. Perhaps not worth a trip to the theatre, but it makes for good background noise. :)