April 9th, 2007

Asta 2

Long Time, No LJ Post

Well, long for me anyway. If anyone was thinking that just because there in no BSG (still no podcast) I don't have anything to say, no, that’s not the case. I am well-rounded. Really! I just needed a little LJ/internet break, but didn’t feel like making an announcement to that fact since I really wasn’t gone. I’ve been doing a lot of skimming in order to not miss anything important with you all and commenting here and there. I just felt I was getting a little too consumed with certain things and needed to step back. Of course, in doing that I managed to get consumed with something else which I will share will you all after another 16 episodes. And, no, it’s not Due South. ;p

In the meantime, let me play catch up. I actually have been keeping a list of things I wanted to post about when the mood struck me again.

First off, I finished Season 6 of Stargate a couple weeks ago. Then SciFi decided to not air season 7, but go back to the beginning. Sigh. Fortunately, they are doing Stargate Tuesdays and airing Season 6 in the evenings so hopefully by May I can catch what I yet need to watch.

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I know many of us were geeked to learn WKRP in Cincinnati was coming to DVD this month. But have you taken a look at the changes? I can deal with musical substitutions, but it seems many of the episodes are the edited, syndicated versions and not the complete epidodes. Entire scenes have been cut. I have to seriously think if I want to buy this now.

I actually rented DVDs this weekend. I do this about three or four times a year. Though I am considering Netflix or the Blockbuster by mail deal. First up was Casino Royale which I enjoyed, but not as much as the majority of my Flist. Daniel Craig was good, there were some excellent character moments, and I liked how they laid the foundation for the cold, detached Bond I know and love. My problam was that the film, overall, didn’t feel like a Bond movie. I missed the over the top villains and action sequences. And as much as a love watching ‘Celebrity Poker’ having a poker game take up about one-fifth of an action film is not the best idea - nor is having about three endings.

I also watched The Departed which I liked far more than I expected, but this was not an Oscar caliber film. Best picture? No way. And while I thought Mark Wahlberg did a good job, why did he get singled out for a nomination? Leo, to me, was the standout, but I guess he couldn’t be nominated for this and Blood Diamond.

And a very, very, VERY, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! to jonesiexxx. I hope you had a fabulous day. Or that at least the arctic winds spared you. :)

And that’s enough for now, especially since my headache seems to be getting worse. :/