April 15th, 2007

Not Impressed - SW - mata090680

'Drive' Bye and the Weekend TV Wrap Up

I hope people enjoy Drive and for Nathan and Tim's sake I hope they have a hit, but the show is not for me. Putting aside some writing issues I have, my big problem is that I have a big problem with reckless drivers. So watching a show where innocent bystanders can get hurt and killed is not entertaining to me.

In other car related show news, I watched Doctor Who this afternoon. Collapse )

I was going to link to my post for SG1's 'The Quest Pt2' back when I watched it in January, but apparently I didn't post! Collapse )

I also caught Exposition Jane. My ironic renaming since with all explaining they did they told us nothing. I have no clue what the plot or point was suppose to be. I'm guessing the shows bible was written in pencil and rewritten to the point the paper got all smudgy and they could no longer read what was on the page. In case you haven't deduced I found the show to be crap. You know how in film you might say 'It's Phantom Menace bad' well for TV shows I'm using 'It's Painkiller Jane bad.' Oh, and while I will readily admit that government agents can be incompetent, the opening sequence of events was laughable.

I downloaded the first ep of Dexter months ago and finally watched it today. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Parts of it I find intriguing, but I'm not sure I can muster up much sympathy for Dexter. Sociopaths are a hard cell as quasi-heroes. I think I'll download a couple more eps before making a definitive decision.

I'm off to Chicago on Thursday and not returning until Monday. If you don't see me post it's because I'm on an actual mini break and not an LJ one. ;)