April 30th, 2007

Asta 2

Belated Weekend Wrap Up

Do you ever have the feeling you are never going to get caught up? I feel that way about work and life in general right now. But I have to start somewhere so I start with TV and movies!

MGM apparently is taking this straight to DVD thing pretty seriously. As many of you know, two SG1 films are currently in production and MGM has just greenlit a ’Dead Like Me’ film. No word yet on who, if any, of the original cast may be involved.

Being the impatient, need for instant gratification person that I am I watched this weeks SG1 many months ago. My thoughts on ‘The Road Not Taken’ are here.

And because it’s there and it’s currently the Gate Not Canceled, I’ve been attempting to watch SGA. Collapse )

Collapse )

In movie news, I saw Fractured this weekend. I could go into a spoilery review for it, but I think I’ll just stick to general thoughts. Good, if not spectacular, performances from Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Ryan, in particular, gave depth to a character that could have come off as one-dimensional. For me, the highlight of the film was that it didn’t fall into the clichéd thriller ending. The characters didn’t get into a shouting match and there was no chase sequence or fight in which Anthony inexplicably kicks Ryan’s ass. ;) It was a battle of wits from beginning to end and that I found most refreshing.

Before the movie started there were, of course, many previews. The thing that struck me about these previews was not so much the films they were for (though Stardust looked interesting) but how the images were crystal clear and the colors vibrant. Then there was the oddity of the film being perfectly aligned with the screen. Turns out the theatre has gone completely digital. No more of that faded, scratch prone film. No more burn marks signaling a change of reels. Spiderman 3 should look awesome. :)

And last, but certianly not least.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY thedeadlyhook!. Hope you have/had a great day with a total lack of computer problems. ;-)