May 31st, 2007

Erm...okay - Lee - Nyuszi

Looks Like My Prediction is Coming to Pass

Six Apart's CEO finally speaks to us, ya know, the users. But only after talking to everyone else. (Thanks abbylee and blondeheroine for the links.)

I am thrilled that they are trying to clean up this mess, accounts will be restored, and that they admitted they screwed up. I'm even willing to give them a sliver of slack since I think we are all aware of how miscommunication can cause big problems. However, take some customer relations classes people. Hire yourself a good PR firm. Don't keep compounding mistakes.

There are still people talking about leaving. I get the anger and frustration, but the pessimist in me says that this could very well happen again elsewhere.
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Season 4 to be Battlestar Galactica's Last

Official word will come tomorrow, but The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that 'Battlestar Galactica' is to end this coming season.

I don't think this was an entirely creative decision. I believe SciFi had a hand in it. However, by giving Ron and Co. 22 hours instead of 13 they have provided ample opportunity for a satisfactory conclusion. Now, let's just hope we get one.