October 2nd, 2007

Asta 2

Too Much TV, Too Little Time

Hmmmm, let's see if I remember everything I wanted to mention.

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Dancing with the Stars - Unless one of them breaks a leg, I'm not sure how Julianne and Helio can lose. I loved Apolo and he wasn't nearly as good as Helio in week 2.

Thanks to On Demand and Showtime making it available for nonpaying customers, I'm finally catching up on Dexter. I'm watching Ep 10 as I type this. I'm enjoying it, but I'm not feeling compelled to dissect it...er, no pun intended. A couple episodes back I predicted how the first season would end and what would happen to certain characters and having read a review of the second season premiere it would seem I was right in my assumptions.

I picked up the new Matchbox Twenty album today, but haven't listened to it yet since I've listened twice online recently. Best Buy is carrying a version with two live bonus tracks and I'm all for the bonuses.

OK, Flist, you are failing me! I've seen no links to con reports and I know I have Katee and Tahmoh fans here! I did manage to track down one and it seems as if they didn't talk much about BSG. Perhaps that accounts for the relative LJ silence. Here's the link to the report I found. One thing jumped out at me. Julie Caitlin Brown was there and she represents Katee *and* Tahmoh. I'm now terrified that she's going after all the BSG actors and Jamie will sign with her. Though, he seems pretty laid back about the con thing and I'm assuming leaves them up to his manager to organize. Someone with a better knowledge of these things can enlighten me, but what is the point of a con manager? It just seems like yet another person you are paying out money to and none of these guys are making BIG TV money.