October 8th, 2007

Asta 2

Monday Night TV

Ok, I have to confess, I didn't pay that much attention to Chuck. I made the mistake of hoping online thinking I would just check LJ during commercials, I see there is a new BSG trailer and I got distracted. However, when I don't feel like I missed much that's probably saying something. I really enjoyed the pilot, but the show has yet to really take hold of me and some elements seemed like a retread of the last two weeks. Or maybe I missed a bunch of important stuff.

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I've been reading con reports from the Chicago con that Katee and Tahmoh appeared at this weekend. There was some spoilage which I won't get into, but a remark made by Katee at the charity breakfast in regards to Bionic Woman I found interesting. It seems the BW set is not the happiest of working environments. There has been some speculation as to why. Could Michelle Ryan be upset that Katee's gotten all the good press and has stolen her thunder? I don't know about that, but given that the show has experienced quite a bit of bad press by both the critics and the fans I could see it affecting the mood of the cast and crew. Katee also indicated that *a lot* of people at NBC keep giving their two cents. As much as I believe SciFi deserves to be criticized for many things, they rarely ever butt in with the actual day to day running of BSG. And the few times they have put their foot down with Ron and David, I have to admit, I agreed with them. I still feel Michelle was a horrible casting choice, but perhaps it's NBC's meddling that has created such a barely coherent mess of a show?