November 6th, 2007

Harlow - starsofscreen

Screw It, I Can't Think of a Title

I've been meaning to post about TV since last Tuesday's House, but now with a backlog of other TV shows and a new House premiering tomorrow I say let's just start fresh! And with work, ongoing apartment projects and a house guest in three days... Eeeeeee!!!....this week will probably be posting-lite as well. However, some really, really, really brief thoughts on tonight's TV.

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Cunning Plan - mata090680

The State of My TV Viewing

I came to realize the WGA strike has really screwed me up. It's not that I'm upset that they may lead to come of my shows being preempted at some point - I have many DVD box sets to watch. It's that because of the once possible, now very real strike the networks only canceled two abysmally rated shows thus far this season. It's usually they that decide what shows I'll be sticking with, but now I'm left with too much damn TV to keep up with and having to make my own choices. So, what to do? I have to start thinning the heard. There are other things I want to be doing and I'm finding that trying to keep up with TV, including shows I'm not enamored with, is keeping me from other goals. With that in mind, here's the plan.Collapse )
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