November 27th, 2007

Asta 2

TV Stuff

I'm sorry, it's too early for Christmas episodes. I know December, even strike-free, is a dead zone for TV, but Christmas eps should not air until at least mid-December.

For my fellow Pushing Daisies fans, it airs at 9:00pm est tomorrow. Christmas specials, including my fave (no surprise here ;), The Grinch Who Stole Christmas air in the 8pm hour. Good thing I checked the schedule before setting the DVR.

I'm not a huge Torchwood fan, but for those who are Season 2 to air on BBC America in January. Apparently, episodes are airing here close to their airdate in the UK which is cool.

And for the Doctor Who fans, casting spoiler for the next season/series.
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Asta 2

Tuesday TV

I don't have much to say about House. It was OK. My favorite scenes were between House and Wilson. I usually side with Wilson in their disagreements/debates/arguments, but I was surprised to find myself completely siding with House this time.

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