January 27th, 2008

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People on my Flist either seem to love or loathe this show, I've always been in the latter category. I decided to watch tonight because of the guest star and to see how they resolved a plot point from the first season finale. If you enjoyed this episode, I suggest you skip clicking on the cut.

Kiss Kiss, Bang BangCollapse )
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Asta 2

The SAG Awards...in HD! (Sorry, had to say it. ;)

There weren't many, but a few highlights from the SAG Awards.Collapse )

I finally saw Sweeney Todd today. As expected, it was a gorgeous film and Johnny was very good in the title role. Overall, I enjoyed it, but something was missing. Thinking about it this evening it dawned on me what that missing something was. This film was a tragedy for every single character, yet I wasn't moved by anything I saw on screen. It was simply watching this series of unfortunate events tied together by song. A film about love, revenge and murder should have passion and this film lacked that.

My mother, who is perhaps the most honest person I know, upon finding out I'm getting every cable channel available and not paying for them told me a) Comcast may never find out and b) keep my mouth shut. ;p
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