February 14th, 2008

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They're Back!

Subject line courtesy of Galactica Sitrep who brings us the news that the writers are back writing and that SciFi has no plans to truncate the season. For various reasons, I didn't think they would. I mean, if they are at all serious about filming Caprica as a backdoor pilot would they inform Ron and David that they are canceling BSG mid-season?

There is a possibility that some actors contracts may have to be renegotiated. I read somewhere the other day that while actors are signed for x amount of years and/or x amount of eps, there can also be start and stop dates for filming in the contracts. My hunch is that no one in the cast is going to refuse to come back to work.

Asta 2

Love is in the Air

When will I learn not to say at work, “It’s been a really quiet day today.” Sigh. Yeah, 3 to 5 were not fun. And instead of coming home and finishing up the post I started at lunch, I crashed on the couch to relax which led to the headache I currently have. I decided to tackle the post again because I figured it would help distract me from the pain and has to an extent. Plus, I want to get this posted today since everyone else has VD (hee) related posts.

Inspired by the not quite a meme I posted last night, I thought for Valentines Day it would be nice to revisit all the ships I have loved, lost, or watched nearly destroyed by the writers who created them. Not that I’m bitter. ;)

It's impossible for me to rank my ships so I’m opting for chronological order. Since some series ran concurrently, it’s a rough chronology. And these are just my semi-obsessive ships. The ones I alternately squee over and throw things at the TV over. As my previous post shows, I can find a couple to ship in just about any show I regularly watch. But would I be willing to debate to death how awesome they are? Not necessarily.

Spoiler Warning: Discussion covers all aired episodes of the various series. If, let's say you are thomasina75 and are just starting to watch Alias, you may want to skip the Syd and Vaughn discussion. :)

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I had most of this written when I stumbled upon Zap2It’s TV’s Best Kisses. Not only did they have three of my shows/ships, but they highlighted two of the same scenes I did. :)

sweet_ali, once again you have lived up to your name. Thank you's to both you and Anonymous for the virtual candies. ::smooches::
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