March 10th, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?  - bulletproofbabe

A Monday Without TSCC

I don't want to make it sound like I single handedly hold up my firm, because I don't, but if I'm gone just one day and things get chaotic. How is it going to be when I'm gone a week?

I was up into the wee hours of the morning with my mind racing as I thought, "OMG, I HAVE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL MY VACATION AND SO MUCH TO DO!" This panic was only in small part due to work. The good part of the lack of sleep was that it may have finally hit me that I procrastinate too damn much. This isn't just on things I should be doing, but things I want to do. For instance, we had a twelve month BSG hiatus and did I write any of the fic I wanted to write? Or work on my carckish Hornblower fic idea? What happened to the drawings I wanted to do? Or all the TV show rewatches I planned to do during the strike? I just need to stop thinking and start doing. Hopefully, this epiphany will stick.

pellucid posted a very thought provoking post today on shipping, what constitutes shipping, who we ship, and why we ship who we do. Some great discussion in comments ensued too. :)

inlovewithnight found a New York Times article in which, Surprise!...Not!, Microsoft knew Vista was a turkey. I smell a class action settlement in their future.
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