July 7th, 2008

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Home Sick

Well, it seems I might have chicken pox. I won't know until tomorrow since that is the earliest I can get in to see my doctor. I'm one of those people that didn't have it when they were a kid so I thought at 36 I'd be safe. But after experiencing aches and pains since Friday (which I originally attributed to stress), then a fever of 101 on Saturday night, followed by what I thought was a really bad ache breakout Sunday night, I checked out WebMD and it seems I have symptoms associated with chicken pox. When I woke up this morning and found the 'pimples' had multiplied and spread, I made an appointment with the doctor. The one thing that is holding me back from a definitive diagnosis is that it doesn't look like I what chicken pox usually look like and I'm not itchy. Which, hey, not complaining!

I actually feel better than I did this weekend, I just look like crap. ;p I think I may attempt to do some light cleaning. Or finish cleaning out my email. I have one account down to 10. Woo! And another down to 100 from 234. I've also been answering work emails or forwarding them to people which I'm sure my co-workers are loving. :)

I'll also work on posting a more entertaining post soon.
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