August 18th, 2008

Asta 2

EEEEEEEE!!! Dragon Con Update!

So, the other day, when Nathan Fillion was announced as a guest at DC, I thought, 'Gee, it would be awesome if Alan Tudyk was added too!'



In other DC news, greycoupon has found, not the complete schedule, but a spreedsheet of the schedule. Edward James Olmos has a panel Monday morning. And I think Tahmoh's solo panel has been moved.

::off to do more research::

ETA: I just saw this over at the Whedonverse Track LJ:

The Friday 2:30 PM "Hour in the Firefly Verse" Q & A has been changed to a Nathan Fillion only event. The time slot will remain the same but the location will be different. This will take place in the International South Ballroom in the Hyatt. Morena, Jewel, and Nathan will all be together on Saturday and Sunday's Q & A sessions. Please make a note of this schedule change.

I wonder of this will get changed again with the addition of Alan?

ETA 2: Grrr Argh. Now the BSG panel and the 'Firefly' panels on Saturday are both at 2:30! :( And the final Wheadonverse panel on Monday is at 2:30 with Nathan, Tahmoh, and James Marsters scheduled. My flight leaves sometime around 5:30. Maybe I could at least catch half the panel. Nathan and Tahmoh together! Or maybe this will get changed/moved with Alan now on board. ::crosses fingers::