March 1st, 2009

SG1 - Inevitably Explode - alius-solum

Podcast for 'Someone to Watch Over Me'

It makes my life so much easier when SciFi gets the podcasts up on time. :)

Ron took the time to praise Weddle, Thompson and Michael Nankin’s work over the course of the series, which was nice, but it took away from talking about the episode. Which means this recap will be a bit shorter - but not much! And there was a lot less rage this time out. Woo!

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Asta 2

Image from 'Islanded in a Stream of Stars'

When I check to see if the podcast is up, I always start with the main page of Battlestar Galactica site. If you visit the site weekly, you know that the change the photo on the main page every week to an image from the upcoming episode. This week they are using an image of Lee. Normally, I wouldn't point this out, but something struck me about the photo that I wanted to talk about it. Now, I know some people are refraining from finding out any information about the upcoming episodes, including skipping the promos, so I'll put the photo and my thoughts under the cut.

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