April 18th, 2009

Asta 2

Is this thing on?

LJ sure was quiet today. I'm guessing it was the first beautiful spring day in many parts of the US. I got to enjoy it, but not as much as I would have liked. I think I managed to develop shin splints this week. In typical me fashion I managed to do it in a strange way. Several weeks ago I decided to be healthier and take the stairs at work rather than the elevator. My firm covers six floors so it seemed like good cardio. Apparently, doing it in three inch heals is not the best idea. And, according to Web MD, it's an even worse idea if you have flat feet, which I have. So the ache I tried to ignore for several days turned into pain yesterday. After an Advil PM and staying off my feet until the afternoon the legs felt better. But the standing up while I cut my hair followed by two hours at Meijer (for those outside the Midwest, think WalMart, but better ;), aggravated it again. Sigh. This better not interfere with my plan to make scones tomorrow!

In other health news, I had my yearly physical yesterday and my good cholesterol was very good and the bad cholesterol was very good and both improved from last year when they were pretty darn good. The only thing I can think of that I'm doing differently is eating more fiber and oats, so there is my health tip of the day.

In TV news, I watched HBO's Grey Gardens tonight. It was actually as good as the critics made it out to be. The highest compliment I can think to pay Drew Barrymore is that she lived up to the family name.

Everyone else is talking about Dreamwidth, so I shall talk about Twitter. ;) It's a much more interesting new toy to me. I may get bored with it at some point. It may go kaplooey. I mean, there are no ads and no paid accounts, so where's the profit? But this article sums up why it appeals to me and why I'll never follow Ashton or Oprah.

Dean Devlin is blogging over at If Magazine. In his first post he talks about filming 'Leverage' and how awesome the cast is. No spoilers.

The Obama administration is planning to hire 'ethical' hackers to check the country's cyber security. Personally, I think this is brilliant.

And, finally, the funniest thing I saw all week, Stephen Colbert's Anti Gay Marriage Ad.

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