May 4th, 2009

Asta 2

Remember When I Cared About 'House'?

I'm really hoping the big shocking twist in next week's House finale is that House has been in a coma the last few weeks and everything that has happened has been in his head. Otherwise, nothing I've seen on my screen makes any sense. And could the writers, after five years, do a tiny bit of research and realize that people who have to live with chronic, debilitating pain need pain medication and are not all drug addicts? The only reason I'm still hanging in (barely) is Hugh Laurie's consistently excellent work and feeling as if Chase and Cameron are actually part of the show again.

NBC had their "Infront" presentation today. How that differs from their "Upfront" I'm still trying to figure out. Maybe this is infront of the Upfront during which they will actually reveal a schedule? We didn't learn much today. Chuck remains on the bubble and it's fate seems to lie with it's studio and what kind of deal they are willing to cut with NBC. Same may hold true for Medium and Law & Order. It doesn't seem Life was mentioned until after the presentation when someone asked about it's chances and was told, "Oh, it's not coming back." So, yeah, Life, as suspected, is done. :/

I watched the extended promos for NBC's new series airing this fall. My reactions were as follows...

100 Questions: A 'Coupling' ripoff, but I did laugh at a couple of jokes. And remember Elliot's poor bastard of a boyfriend on 'Scrubs', Keith? Well, Keith's portrayer gets to play another poor bastard of a boyfriend here.

Community: Chevy Chase stars in this as does the guy from 'Talk Soup'. I didn't laugh once. Not to mention, I could see people who attend community college taking some offense.

Day One: I've read the producers of 'Jericho' may have cause to sue. The promo consisted of clips of the filming of stunt sequences and green screen work. I don't know why NBC bothered.

Parenthood: Good cast and it's a Ron Howard/Brian Grazer production, but I saw the film and didn't see anything to get excited about.

Trauma: ER/Third Watch/Rescue Me hybrid. Anastasia Griffith (Jamie Bamber's sister for those who don't know) stars and Peter Berg is a producer so I'll probably give this a shot.

Mercy: Snarky nurses who know more than the doctors bond with each other while hitting on every cute guy they see and dealing with their own personal dramas (one nurse served in Iraq). If that wasn't bad enough, Michelle Trachtenberg stars, and still looks about 14. I'll pass.

In other news, I checked the Dragon Con guest list (as I do every day :) and Karen Allen has been added. I'm sure I'll end up with a conflict, but her panels have the potential to be interesting. I wonder if she'll trash George at all? One can hope.

danceswithwords, you're going to love one of Rick's comments on Castle tonight. ;-) Collapse )