May 7th, 2009

Asta 2

Everything But 'Star Trek' Since I Haven't Seen It Yet

My plans to sit outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we are having have been thwarted by the biggest wasp or hornet - I can never tell them apart - I have ever seen. I'm not allergic to the stings, but an attack by something that size would hurt like hell.

I know people have sworn never to watch anything Ron Moore is involved with ever again, but for those like me who still think BSG was mostly awesome and that the finale was not the worst thing ever, the 'Virtuality' pilot will air July 4 on FOX. Yeah, I think the airdate is a strong indication FOX is not picking it up to be a weekly series.

BSG Season 4.5 Cover Art. Sam and Tigh made the cover! And I love the triangles they created. Hee.

While not official, it looks as if 'Castle' will be renewed.

Hulu has started to stream British series. It's slim pickings so far, by I was excited to see Stephen Fry's Kingdom on the site. Unfortunately, for me, they only have the first season up and I've seen it already. I would recommend checking out the show. I found it entertaining and it has a nice little mystery going on.

I watched the, for the moment, season finale of Scrubs last night. A very, very satisfying episode and I hope Bill Lawrence decides to pull the plug or ABC opts not to renew it. The series had a creative resurgence this year, ended on a high note, and, as I mentioned to sdwolfpup, Scrubs without JD would be like The X-Files without Mulder. We all know how well that went.

I still haven't watched Caprica nor have I listened to the final BSG podcast. I had to admit to myself I'm on a break from the fandom. All the negativity, some of which I understood and some of which I didn't, finally got to me. But it may have turned out to be a good thing since I feel as if I had an epiphany about the finale. However, before I commit to anything I need to do a little rewatching.

And I still have three Dreamwidth accounts if anyone needs them, but I sense there are more floating around right now than there is need for.

OK, I'm five minutes into Bones and thinking, "WTF is up with this season???"