May 11th, 2009

Asta 2

Claudia Black Convention Appearance Alert

For my Canadian friends in and around Toronto who happen to be Claudia Black fans - I know there are a couple of you - Claudia will be appearing at Polaris, July 10 and 11. She was just added this weekend. Perhaps some other of her costars might join her there yet. :)

Oh, and Michael Hogan is also a guest if anyone needs further enticement to go.
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Asta 2

To My Fellow 'Leverage' Fans

I admit, I didn't pay attention to details in the early episodes of Leverage as the show found it's footing and I'm sure I missed some things, but was there ever a mention that Parker has "a mild form of Asperger's syndrome"? I was watching this behind the scenes video on YouTube and was surprised when I heard Dean Devlin (the executive producer and director) mention it. I'm tempted to tweet him about it, but, before I embarrass myself, I thought I'd see if anyone recalls this being addressed in the series. It certainly explains some things beyond her just being odd and crazy.