August 2nd, 2009

Cunning Plan - mata090680

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Welcome to the first of a series of spammy posts on Dragon Con. Yes, planning has begun. I've had the hotel reserved since October and have reconfirmed the reservation and added everyone who needed to be added to said reservation. Last night I booked my flights. Direct flights both ways! (Woo!) And I got one of the last two coach seats on both flights! (Phew!) The only negative is my flight on Monday doesn't leave until 8:00, but it actually gets in sooner than if I had taken an earlier flight with a layover. My roomies flights are two to three hours earlier and my plan is to goo with them to the airport so I can spend as much time as possible with them. If anyone else will be hanging around late at the airport, let me know.

Schedules are beginning to be posted. ::rubs hands together:: And even though I know these schedules will change (and the Stargate track doesn't have anything up yet), of course, I've started to plan where I'll be.

Cut for very tentative scheduleCollapse )

Random Stuff....

Stargate people, get cracking on that schedule!

Michael Shanks and, by extension, Lexa Doig have cancelled.

Leonard Nimoy is doing a second panel as part of the Main Trak, but, alas, no schedule.

Dirk Benedict is appearing as part of the American SciFi Classics Track which means we'll be spared having to see him with the current cast. I bet he and Hatch are doing a panel together though. The track doesn't have a schedule up yet.

I like that the Trek Trak is choosing to do a lot of solo talks with their guests (or maybe the guests mandated it).

Gareth David Lloyd will be a guest, but he has not been assigned to any panels yet. If I wasn't so busy with other fandoms, I wouldn't mind seeing one of his Q&A's. It should be entertaining. ;)

Is there an X Track this year? Do they have any guests?

There's an aquarium night September 5th. Is this new? If anyone is interested, it's selling out fast.
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