October 7th, 2009

Asta 2

Yeah, I've Got Nothing for a Subject Line

Wow. I haven't posted since September 26th. My life is so boring! The cold, hard truth is it's a new season of TV and I have nothing I'm fannish about. It's a first for me. I've always had one show that I could go on and on and on about. You know me. There are shows I enjoy (Castle, Modern Family, Bones, The Office, Community). Shows that I feel have moments of brilliance and the potential to be great when I'm not thinking "Die, Terri, Die!" (Glee). Shows that I Hulu at work (Fringe) because I don't care that much about them. I have some thoughts about House, but I'm not nearly as invested in the show as I used to be. Hugh Laurie is still awesome and there are moments that remind me of why I once loved the show, but I feel as if I can walk away and not look back at any time.

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I gave Stargate: Universe a shot. It didn't fill me with rage as I feared, but it's just not any good. In the first fifteen minutes they ripped off the opening Alien and a plot point from The Last Starfighter. Let me repeat that last bit. They stole from The Last Starfighter. But the worst part may be that none of the characters are likable. (Or hot. How can a 'Stargate' series have no hot guys?) And when SyFy told the producers they wanted a darker show like BSG, they apparently took that to mean literally turning down the lights.

I recently rewatched Season 1 of Leverage, with the episodes in the order they were intended to air, which allowed me to develop an even deeper appreciation of the the show and I feel as if I've gone from really liking it to loving it. I even began listening to the episode commentaries, which I rarely do, and found myself jotting down notes. I think it's become a compulsion after years of BSG podcasts. Before I try and break myself of the habit, would anyone be interested in highlights from the commentaries?

In Dollhouse news, there will not be a third season. There, I said it. Also, I saw Eliza Dushku on The Late Show last night wearing an outfit only a Goa'uld would love.

I'm heading to New York City this Friday to meet up with beccatoria. I'M SO EXCITED! Three days of talking about BSG! And Lee and Laura! And vids! And Fic! And, oh, yeah, seeing some sites. We're also hoping to meet up with a few people while there. ::crosses fingers::

So, yes, back to LJ silence for while.