May 26th, 2010

Asta 2

Miss Me?

So my plan to post at least once a week has been, thus far, a failure. I believe it's been two weeks. At least it had less to do with apathy and more to do with being busy.

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a planner. Vacation plans are made months in advance. I have to think and rethink and price check and make spreadsheets (OK, making spreadsheets may only be applicable to Dragon*Con). But when, about two weeks ago, I heard about the Paley Center's White Collar panel June 1 in New York City I turned into spur of the moment girl and threw together a trip.

When I calculated the expense of going to NYC for just a few days, my frugality took over and I realized I could not do it. Which made me sad, if less poor. But as I was getting ready to abandon all hope, 50mm stepped in to provide me with an affordable option. Turns out it's a lot less expensive to travel to DC, spend some time hanging out with her (and visit a city I have never been to), then travel by bus to NYC and stay overnight. Woo!

My time in NYC will be brief. I arrive Tuesday afternoon and leave Wednesday morning and I have the panel Tuesday night (I may have an extra ticket if anyone is interested), but if any of my NY friends want to attempt to meet up, let me know!

And I'll be in DC Saturday night through Monday. Likely, I'll be dragging 50mm around during touristy stuff, but we'll need to eat some time so, again, if anyone wants to try meeting up, let me know.

TV! I'm still a bit behind on Doctor Who. The last episode I saw was 'Vampires of Venice' which was quite enjoyable. Rory is quite awesome. And, in distant 'Who' past, did The Doctor travel with more than one companion? I always like it when The Doctor has more than one person traveling with him.

Community: The last two episodes didn't live up to the awesomeness of 'Modern Warfare', but how could they? Collapse )

House: Surprisingly, the show got better towards the end of the season. I didn't feel ragey at all! Though, not thrilled with a certain plot development or House consistently falling back into old patterns. The writers seem terrified of letting their characters evolve.

Chuck: The most enjoyable part of the Monday's finale was tweeting with sweet_ali. Casey was awesome and Awesome was.....pretty great. However, I felt frustrated by the rest, especially the retcon. And I still miss Bryce Larkin. ;)

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