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The DSL, It Is Working!

After a looooooong struggle. I should have known the installation process went way too quick. The disc supposedly finished it's job and told me I was ready to surf the net. Not so fast there Mr Disc. I couldn't get a page to load. So, I call the 800 number and am helped by Rob who admits that sometimes the discs skip a step. Allrighty then. He proceeds to walk me through the set up process and in about ten minutes I am online. Wheeeee! After I get off the phone I realize that the icons for various links and services are no where to be found. I call back. I speak to Lee (insert your own joke here) and he attemps to help me download some software to rectify this. Accept, it's not working. After trying a couple more things, he admits defeat and transfers me to Level 2 support. At this point I feel like Sydney Bristow. I'm also transferred to some idiot who seems to think I know zilch about the net even though I have to tell him he's asking me to click on the wrong link. :p Idiot is stumped and transfers me to John. John knows what he's doing and even helps me set up things that the disc could not. Plus, my phone died in the middle of our conversation and he called me back on my cell. And stayed with me until the computer rebooted and I made sure everything was working. So, accept for the one idiot, I had excellent customer service.

Who knew setting up DSL could be so exhausting? Now I need to take a shower and relax until BSG comes on. And thanks to a guest star tonight, I'm actually looking forward to 'Atlantis'. :O

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