January 12th, 2011

Asta 2

Some stuff I promised to get to

OK, this isn't nearly as long an absence as last time! My intention was to post sooner, but I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning/organizing lately and it's impossible to do that and type on a computer at the same time. While I don't do New Year's resolutions because I end up not achieving any of them and then feel like crap about it, I did decide 2011 would be the year I organize and get rid of crap I don't need/won't ever use again. That would seem like a daunting task, but I'm a) giving myself a year to achieve the task and b) breaking said task down into much smaller goals. For instance, clean out a drawer today, clean out cupboard tomorrow - you get the idea. There is the closet in the spare room I use for storage that is a bit intimidating, so it may end up being the last thing done. I am finding doing a little bit at a time provides a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, it can make finding things a lot easier!

Other than getting a pretty good start on the year long project, I haven't done much. Last week, I was thrilled at being reminded sdwolfpup's is initiating another More Joy Day for tomorrow, January 13th. This gave me time to finish up on something I was working on for New Year's, but, between some frustration and the cleaning, I failed to get it done. Of course, what have I done with it since I went, "Yay! I have almost two extra weeks to work on this!" Nothing until last night. And the frustration came back. Sigh. I do hope to kick it's ass tonight. I also realize I'm making this sound much bigger than it actually is. :p

Oh, I also semi-resolved to alter my TV viewing habits. First, stop watching TV I don't care about. After last night's episode of V, I feel it's made it's way to the chopping block. And, second, stop spending so much time flipping channels in a desperate attemptto find something to watch when I have DVDs, On Demand and Netflix. On the DVD front, I'm currently watching Season 4 of Ally McBeal or, as I like to call it, The Season Robert Downey Jr. was on and was Awesome. To be clear, he's the ONLY reason I am watching the show. As I had recalled (and it seems to remain true) he somehow managed to tone down, it not eradicate, the WTF of the show that season. Sadly, I'm still distracted by Calista's skeletal frame (no eating disorder my ass) and questioning how we're to believe men are falling for her left and right.

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