January 15th, 2011

Asta 2

And the More Joy Day recipients are...

Apparently, I should have just offered something to everyone who responded to my previous post by midnight yesterday because I ended up with four responses. The rest of you will be sorry! ;p Because I'd feel horrible leaving one person's name out of the bowl, I put all four in. And here's the order they were pulled:

beccatoria - Your top request was a drawing. We'll talk. ;)

tripocket - Brownies or Amazon? Let me know!

daybreak777 - Brownies or Amazon - whatever Tripocket passes on!

nicole_anell - You're the lucky loser! I suspect I know what you'd pick, so I'll appear more generous than I actually am and leave you to pick what you want.

In other news.....I really don't have any other news. My life never seems boring until I try to post.