February 4th, 2011

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White Collar: What Happens in Burma

I always feel I should tack on a disclaimer when a show I love airs an episode I didn't like. I'm not a fair weather fan. Battlestar Galactica is my favorite series, but gods knows that show had some stinkers. And storylines I didn't agree with. And a character I ended up hating. I could go on. ;) My point is, I still love the show.

I think, as viewers, if we love a show, we want it to be awesome every single week. Some series have come close to doing that. The Wire jumps to mind. If not for the second season, Friday Night Lights would be a contender. But most series encounter mediocrity or flat out misses at points in their runs. Ultimately, because I consider myself a creative person (in theory, if not always in practice), I look at my own work, a mix of things to be proud of and.....not so much. TV series have deadlines and often a limited time to put out a product. So maybe 'Burma' was disappointing and I only watched it once (!!!), but I still love the characters and people who make the show.

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