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BSG Ep 18: Downloaded

I was exhausted last night by the time BSG came on and I thought that had something to do with my rather ‘Meh’ attitude about the episode. So I watched it again this afternoon and…..I’m still feeling ‘Meh’. That’s not to say I hated it, that it pissed me off, or that I was bored to death – there just wasn’t anything present to enthrall me. And before anyone says ‘Oh, I know why’, no, it had nothing to do with the complete lack of Lee. As much as I love seeing the guy, he really had no place in this episode. At best he *maybe* could have been in the scene with Adama, Laura, Baltar and Tigh. But I don’t see how his input would have been vital nor changed the decision that was ultimately made. Tigh probably shouldn’t have been there either but I’m rationalizing his and Tyrol’s appearance as a salary thing. Unlike the above the title performers, I don’t think they get paid unless they appear in an episode.

While ‘Downloaded’ didn’t hold my attention as other episodes have, it has had me contemplating some of the revelations made and questions raised since I first saw it last night.

The Cylons do seem to have a collective mentality, not on par with the Borg, but individuality doesn’t seem to be encouraged. D’Anna refers to CapricaSix as a hero of the Cylon, singular. And she’s displeased Sharon is still calling herself Sharon rather than Eight. The Baltar in Six’s head is right; D’Anna is out to destroy these two “war heroes” because they represent something that could lead to the downfall of the Cylon – human sympathy. Their love for two humans has changed their perspective on the war and their voices will now be heard.

Now why do Six and Sharon have such strong ties to humanity? Yes, we know love plays a large role in it, but where did the love come from and why does it affect them as it does? After all, we have the other Sharon on Galactica, who I do believe loves Helo, but has yet to condemn her race for what it has done and continues to question humanity’s existence. Is it because she was programmed to love Helo? It doesn’t negate her feelings, but it could explain why she hasn’t completely severed her ties to the Cylons. Where as with the other two, their love grew organically from the situations they found themselves in. Sharon, as a sleeper agent, had a completely blank slate in which to form emotional attachments. Six, while she knew who she was, may have worked independently for two years in order to keep her cover. Her relationship with Baltar started out as an assignment, but she grew to love the man. And these two, who did so much to assist in the Cylon quest for supremacy, are now closer to humanity because of the Cylon plan.

Let’s look at the flip side in all this. I’m beginning to wonder who it is that Helo loves. He was in love with Sharon before the attacks – with the Sharon we are seeing on Caprica. Perhaps it’s because of that Sharon that he often appears blind to some of the Sharon on Galactica’s more troubling attributes.

And then there is Anders, who after spending a short amount of time with Six and Sharon asks, “What kind of people are you?” What happened to “skin jobs” and “toasters”?

So, where do we go from here? Six and Sharon seem to be on their way to leading their own resistance movement on Caprica. And with their new found celebrity, some Cylons will listen. Will we find out there is a glitch in the Cylon programming that makes them susceptible to free thinking? And can Cylons not help but be affected by their time spent with humanity?

I would love, love, love for CapricaSix and Baltar to come face to face (and for comedic relief their imaginary counterparts as well). The thing is, if they come into contact with the real thing after all this time, will their feelings be the same? Both have changed (Six for the better, Baltar for the worse, imho) and the person that they love is that of an image they have fostered in their head.

I’m still wondering if Baltar could be a Cylon. How could he have survived the attacks when Six was killed? And could the reason be for them being in each others heads be because signals got crossed in the transferring of their consciousness?

As for some random items….

Things that made me go ‘Huh?’:

Sharon explains how her mother gave her the elephants before she left for the fleet academy. Didn’t they die in a mining accident when she was a child? That was followed by the picture showing her with Tyrol, Lee, and others aboard Galactica. OK, she didn’t serve with Lee on Galactica until after the attacks. They couldn’t find another pic to use?

The bomb Anders set collapsed a building. But luckily he was protected by the car just a few yards from the bomb. And that open stairwell saved Six, Sharon, and D’Anna. O….K…..

D’Anna commenting that Kara was on Caprica a couple weeks ago. I have no words for that one.

Where did the dead baby come from? Was it Maya’s???

Things that didn’t irritate me as much as I expected:

Again with the Previouslies. It was obvious they used old footage with new voiceovers. On the other hand, I could except it here because we haven’t seen any of Caprica since ‘Home Pt 2’ and the point is, up until now, we weren’t suppose to know what was happening with the Cylons. So, yes, please inform me they are “rebuilding Caprica”.

I can also accept the jumping back in time thing again since I think it was important we see exactly when Six and Sharon were reborn.

Things I really enjoyed:

Tricia and James were terrific. Especially Tricia. It amazes me how she can continue to give each new Six a unique persona. Put them all in a room together and I could easily tell them apart.

The way they made ImaginaryBaltar in Sharon’s apartment creepier by running the film of him in reverse.

Tricia’s reaction to Sharon revealing Baltar is still alive.

D’Anna: “Humans don’t respect life the way we do.” Muwah!

Cottle, as Sharon is giving birth, criticizing the Cylons for not upgrading the plumbing. Hee!

Again, I think Laura made a bad decision that will come back to bite her in the ass. Either that kid is still going to end up in Cylon hands or she’ll be dealing with the mother from hell with Sharon. But I’ll love watching her recover from the mess she’s made.
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