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Podcast for 'The Captain's Hand'

One podcast down, one to go. I listened to the podcast for ‘The Captain’s Hand’ last night. I barely got through it. Not because of comments made about the episode itself, but because Ron managed to demonstrate to the world how big of an ass he really is. There will be some ranting included in this recap.

Ron begins by telling us all to whine less on the internet about the background noise during the podcasts. At first, I thought he was joking, but I soon came to discover, no, he wasn’t. He really is tired of the whining. I guess he thinks we should just be thrilled that he’s bestowing his insight upon us and quit with the complaining.

How far does he take *his* whining? Well, midway through the podcast, the phone rings and he proceeds to say that he’s going to get up and unplug it because “I don’t want any of your precious little feelings to be hurt.” Then wraps that up with “Happy now?”. Later, he has his wife interrupt to tell him that the gardener and maid are complaining they can’t do their work, the dog can’t go out, and the children (who they’ve tied up) can’t play because he’s doing the podcast.

I was just flabbergasted at what I was hearing. Does the term biting the hand that feeds you mean nothing to this man? The only statement I agreed with was his comment that “you have to be tough enough to listen to the podcasts.”

Now, on to what the ass said about the episode….

There was to be more focus on the continuing command problems aboard Pegasus. Originally, the commanders name was Trammel, but legal said it was too close to someone else’s real name and it got changed to Garner. Ron claims that that was why Adama’s dialogue had to be relooped in the previouslies, though I can’t recall Trammel being mentioned before in an episode.

Surprisingly, no significant Lee/Dee footage got cut. Perhaps a line or two of dialogue. They also eliminated footage of the pilots banging on the hatch door because of time issues. If they had kept it in, we would have seen that they use a pair of boots hanging from the door as a signal that “someone in there is getting something.” And off of Lee telling them to go take a shower, they realize it’s the CAG in there, they look at each other, and go away.

In the first draft of the script Lee came over to the Pegasus by himself, Kara didn’t enter the episode until later. And Lee coming over had nothing to do with her, but because discipline was too lax on the ship. Trammel/Garner was too nice and wanted to be liked, so he commanded with a “soft glove”. Lee was to fulfill the hard ass role, but they ultimately didn’t think it felt right for the character. Ron also mentioned that the Pegasus crew had hated the previous two commanders which I found a bit surprising.

Originally, this episode was thought to follow in the mold of ‘The Caine Mutiny’.

The Baltar/Zarek scene was originally in Act 4 and took place after Laura made her proclamation banning abortion. They moved the scene up because they thought it worked better if the thought of running for the presidency was already in Baltar’s mind. I have to agree, it does work better.

There was more of Lee trying to track the raptors down himself with him spouting a lot of techno babble. It fell flat.

Kara’s push ups were a call back to the mini series. Ron praises Jamie in what he deems to be one of his best episodes (I agree, but how long has it taken Ron to realize the guy can act??? In the last few podcasts he’s practically tripping over himself to compliment Jamie.). He feels Jamie is able to portray Lee’s angst under all of his lines – the turmoil of him struggling with a lot of things. There was some concern Lee looked petulant when he confronts Kara about the shooting, but he felt it was an honest reaction.

There were some dialogue cut in which Adama questions Garner about wanting to use the Pegasus to go after the missing raptors to which Garner brings up Adama’s use of valuable resources to rescue Kara in YCGHA. Good point. Though how would Garner know about that?

Stinger *is* the Pegasus CAG. In an early draft, because Stinger was in the brig, Lee was going to lead the pilots in his place and there was to be a subplot with him having to choose to leave men behind.

“I have the Con” is one of Ron’s favorite Lee Adama moments too.

The show will never call the Pegasus ‘Peggy’ because it’s too cute.

Ron talked some about ‘shaking up the architecture of the show’ by making Lee the commander of the Pegasus and Kara Galactica’s CAG. He’s trying to avoid the ruts other shows find themselves in. He didn’t mention ‘Star Trek’, but I have a feeling he’s thinking about those series and how characters ended on the show exactly where they began.

And the line that most considered the best of the episode – “You have a brain?” That was Jamie’s.  He ad libbed it at the table reading of the script and it cracked everyone up so they opted to include it in the episode. Ron stressed how important the script readings are because it provides the writers the opportunity to see if the lines fit coming out of the characters mouths and gives the actors the opportunity to provide feedback on what they feel is or is not working. He admits that sometimes they do have fights over dialogue. Color me not surprised. ;p
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