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Podcast for 'Downloaded'

This one was significantly less anger inducing. ;)

Ron kept the assishness to a minimum in this one. Though, as predicted, he still brought up the “whining”…twice. There was some good scoop though. And given the numerous mentions of edits made, the rough cut must have run well over an hour. Now, on to the show!

This is one of his favorite episodes.

OK, I now see where some of the confusion came regarding ‘Downloaded’ and its production status. The first attempt at this story was called ‘The Raid’ (and I recall seeing this title among an episode listing at the Gateway site). The plot of that script involved the Cylons (or should we say Cylon now?) meeting at a space station to discuss the “human problem” and come up with the “the final solution”. The concept was based on the Wansee Conference. But the writers realized that with the holocaust the Cylons had already come up with a final solution. The ‘B’ story was to involve the Galactica being aware of space station, sending a group to raid the archives, and obtain information on earth while the conference was going on. Caprica Six, meanwhile, is having hallucinations about Baltar and the raiding party. When she actually encounters the group, she ends up letting them go.

Ron talks about how the Six and Baltar in each others minds provide symmetry. Both have been changed in a fundamental way by their experiences with one another. Both have guilt and share a psychosis over the destruction of the colonies. For Six, her psychology was also altered by the event. She has a belief in a loving god, yet now does that gel with participating in the destruction of all these people? She has a desire to be loved, but used the love of the man she loved and twisted it.

The reason we didn’t see all twelve Cylons was because they didn’t want to give away so many things. Gee, you didn’t want to do that in the second season? Who’d have thunk it? :p

The Helo/Sharon/Hera storyline originally played a much larger role in the episode. There was a kidnapping plot involving the D’Anna from ‘Final Cut’, Gina, and Baltar. D’Anna does another interview with Laura and confronts her about the rumors of the baby. Later, she makes her way to the Galactica’s medical facility with an equipment case rigged with life support to keep the baby alive. She tries to force her way in saying she has the presidents permission to take pictures to show Hera is just a baby like any other. Helo then comes out and says something along the lines of ‘She’s dead you bitch’ to D’Anna. The entire storyline was cut because there were too many Cylons and they feared confusion as to who is who and who knows what. And the story seemed to play fine without all the melodrama, imho.

D’Anna could have just had Sharon killed for her refusal to get with the Cylon program, but as the “children of humanity” they feel they are not like us, thus the attempts to reason with her instead.

While Ron concerned himself with the big picture, Eik finessed the scenes and concentrated on the character details.

Six and Baltar know how to manipulate human beings and were doing so before the attacks. Each now is emphasizing that part of the other in their subconscious. So, are they really just figments of their imaginations?

Um, Ron states that the show has talked about Anders ever since Kara left in ‘The Farm’. Not so much. Or else we wouldn’t have gone ‘Huh?’ in ‘Scar’.

They wanted to do a scene where they actually went to the rubble of Baltar’s house, but couldn’t afford the cost nor did they have enough time to do it.

In every take of Anders setting up the trigger for the bomb, the actor took puffs on the cigarette. They realized in editing that would probably ruin the whole three minute timing thing they had worked out and had to do some tricky cutting.

James isn’t playing Baltar, but Six’s idea of Baltar and the man she fell in love with. The same can be said for Baltar and his imaginary Six. Neither version is quite accurate. It’s all about perception.

There was dialogue between Helo and Tyrol on the raptor in which Tyrol thanks him for doing this with him. In addition to fighting a time issue, it was deemed unnecessary. The scene was more powerful with Tyrol just being there.

Sending Hera away to be raised by someone else was to echo the story of Moses. In that case, this really is going to bite Laura in the ass. ;p

In RS Pt 2, when Lee is floating, he was to see the entire cast standing in the water as he struggled to shore. For a variety of reasons the scene was excised, but Ron loved the dialogue (he wrote) so much he gave some of it to Six’s Baltar to say at the end.

And I finally have a Six icon!
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