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Odds and Ends from the Past Couple of Days

* Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are a couple?! How did I not know this???

* I missed wishing a couple of people a Happy Birthday!. Let me stress I didn’t forget, I just didn’t get to posting. ;) So belated greetings to queenofthorns and caille who survived the Board That Shall Not Be Named with me! ;-)

* According to the TV Guide website rumor has it that not only has Showtime picked up Arrested Development, but has ordered 26 episodes.

* And I can download it now! Hopefully. I’m actually attempting this downloading episodes thing as I type. Apparently it’s going to take me two days. Down from fifteen! To be fair, I’m downloading a group of six episodes (I can’t seem to do them individually). If you can guess which episodes you *really* know me. So, I’m assuming the download will pick up where it leaves off if I power down my computer? I’m not leaving it on for two straight days.

* Speaking of the DSL, it’s certainly lowered my stress levels. No more concerns of missing phone calls or my connection timing out because I take too damn long to type up a response to a post. No waiting forever for pages to load. I can download icons in a snap. And songs! And I can look up stuff anytime I want. I don’t have to make notes to myself or try to remember to do it later (and usually forget).

* I still have to compliment SBC (Damn it!) who helped me (along with danceswithwords) straighten out some networking issues.

* I recieved a package from reckleslinguist the other day. She purchased me many lovely prezzies for my b-day. But what did I get most excited about? She made me Lee Adama magnets!!! And of course I now have to rearrange what I already have on the fridge to give them a prime, eye level position. ;)

“Welcome to fuglyville” OK, that just cracked me up to no end. If anyone sees it on an icon, please let me know. :)

JD and Elliot discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – “It’s like watching our lives and putting it on TV.” Hee! Accept you don’t have the annoying Meredith factor. ;p

Todd’s declaration that Chinatown is awesome! And the green ass to prove it. :O

Clicky top pen! Continuity! I love continuity.

OK, where have I seen Keith before? And he and JD were so cute cuddling!

* Before I drive you all away with the Bamber fixation, I've decided to go nuts and mix up the icons a bit. So I got me some with Slings & Arrows quotes! The one used here may make no sense out of context, but it still makes me laugh. :)

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