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Initial Sci-Fi Friday Thoughts

I just downloaded tonights podcast in three minutes. ::hugs wireless DLS::

And I watched Stargate: SG-1 and liked it! Though, GG, sorry, I missed your debut. :( I'll have to run the tape back later and glue my eyes to the screen.

OMG, Claudia looked gorgeous! Pregnancy really suits her. :) Though, selfishly, I'm very happy she's decided to have a family and work because SG-1 is soooo much better with her.

And I know most of me Flist is pulling for Daniel and Vala, but, damn that Ben/Claudia chemistry! That moment when she talked about hoping she'd lose the baby and Cam looks at her, no sign of his usual sarcasm, and states that there was also a part of her that was glad she didn't - I just felt the characters really connected.

As big a geek as I am, when Vala asked if any of them had ever heard of a case in which a woman got pregnant in the not usual manner I immediately went to Jesus. Lord Vader?! Muwhahahah!!! And we know how well that ended. :p

Oh, and Cam asking Daniel (or who he thinks is Daniel) as he checks out his ass, "Is there something you want to tell me?" Hee! I could get behind (pun sort of intended) that pairing too. ;)

ETA: I just watched David Eik's update to his video blog. It seems to be unused footage shot for previous blog entries. No spoilers I could spot. And I'd recommend checking it out for one reason...Jamie...Kandyse...dancing!
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