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Ep 19: Lay Down Your Burdens Pt 1

After having spoiled myself earlier this week, I now find it’s a bit hard to judge this episode on its own merits. The pacing felt slow, but is it because I was simply waiting for things to happen? And the cliffhanger fell flat. I thought they were going to break at a different point, however, even if I had zero knowledge of what was to come I’d bet every last dime I had that Kara, Sharon, and Helo weren’t going to be blown to bits. So, for now, I’m just going to go with I liked it, I felt it was a strong episode overall, and I’m anxious to see how it all ties together.

Of course, I still have plenty to say about what I did see. ;)

Here’s where I whip out my favorite gripe. Again with the previouslies? Once more, we are given brief glimpses of what I am sure were considerably longer scenes to show us that what we are seeing makes perfect sense because of what we didn’t see. Does that make sense? Here’s a thought, instead of giving us ‘Black Market’, an episode which I think we can all now safely say is completely irrelevant, use that time to make us understand why Lee/Dee and Kara/Anders are believable relationships and significant to developments on the show.

Lee’s leaving Galactica, not Dee. Very sweet, but then they don’t have a single moment together in this episode. Oh, but Dee has a copy of Kara’s picture of Lee in her locker signaling how really important he is to her! Btw, the fleet has cameras. Lee couldn’t be bothered to pose for a recent picture for her? Heck, I’d think the press would want to run a story (with photo) of the new Pegasus commander.

We also have the revelation that Kara confronted Laura on her death bed about how the people on Caprica aren’t lost and they have to go back for them. Is that supposed to explain why they are going back now? It really doesn’t. I suppose I can rationalize that there seems to be a lull in the conflict with the Cylons as well as each other. The only other reason would be to do it for Kara’s sake but that doesn’t make sense when looking at losses of up to 20%.

My main problem with Lee/Dee and Kara/Anders is that we’ve seen so little development on screen; we aren’t connecting to them or carrying about them as couples. I don’t wish to spend so much time trying to fill in the blanks in my imagination. At the same time, the scarce amount of time they have allocated to building these relationships could have gone towards strengthening other arcs - the peace movement, the presidential election, Lee’s depression – none of which has been given the time they should. We could have had momentum for various stories building, rather than feel like they are cramming in a lot of elements in the final four episodes (which have been strong) in an effort to set up season 3.

OK, enough with the rant…

Was that the longest teaser they’ve ever had? Overall, I liked how the various storylines were edited together. It was very reminiscent of KLG. And I’ve missed both Gaeta and Tyrol playing significant roles in the show.

Tyrol’s current state of mind is interesting, if a bit perplexing. Again, I wish we had seen some more hints as to his apparent downward spiral. Brother Cadel’s observation that Tyrol had a desire to kill himself out of fear that he, like Sharon, was a Cylon made sense. Yet, why now, if, in fact, the nightmares began just a couple of weeks ago?

One of the things I love about the show is that two years into it, we still are learning fascinating details about the characters. I never would have thought of Laura as being superstitious. And the nervous laughing? Priceless.

I think I can now say Six - and any incarnation of her - is my third favorite character. (If you have to ask who one and two are, you must be new here. ;p) Tricia just amazes me with the nuances she brings to her role(s). And it was the first time in a long time I felt Six may still be connected to the rest of the Cylon/Cylons. Her telling Baltar that this planet was the future made me very suspicious. Has she ever had physical contact with any character beside Baltar before? I loved how she draped herself over Zarek.

Lee: "Earth, hell, if we find any rock with food and water I’ll build you guys a bar."

Granted, I was spoiled for the discovery of the planet, but did anyone else hear the anvil drop? Of course, another interesting aspect of that line has to do with the show bible and Lee’s back-story. I can’t recall if it was Jamie or Ron, but one of them had the idea that before the attacks Lee was set to resign his commission and open up a bar so I found the mention kind of cool.

Did anyone else get geeked seeing Lee eating the noodles? Maybe it was just me. I found it a nice like father, like son moment. 

The meeting between Lee and Kara was a bit odd. With the prospect of taking heavy casualties on the mission, I can see them wanting to see each other if it could be the last time. After making peace in TCH, I don’t think they had anything they had to say to each other, still, you sense they wanted to say more. Unlike danceswithwords ;), I do believe Lee wants Kara to find Anders primarily because it’s what he believes she believes will make her happy and he doesn’t feel there is anything more he can do for her right now.

Laura trying to not alienate the religious right. Baltar’s referencing the ‘Hand of God’. Sharon plugging herself into the raptor. Continuity all over the place!

To keep running or not to keep running - that is the question. As an observer, I would have to side with Laura on this one. Less than 20% of the planet can support human life. The data is telling them conditions will be harsh and that they can only eek out a living got a few years. Even more importantly, with the Cylons in possession of superior technology, how can they assume they don’t have the means of finding the planet themselves? And let’s not forget they know there are still Cylons in the fleet besides Sharon. How can they know they don’t have a means of relaying their position?

But Tori makes a point more salient than either candidate – people vote their hopes, not there fears. Laura is offering them the truth, not fantasy and promises of a rosy future, but it’s a bitter reality that people are tired of dealing with. So, if I was part of the fleet, yes, I can see the attractiveness of fresh air, fresh food, blue skies, solid ground, and no more running everyday for the rest of my life.

The really sad and unsettling part of this is that Baltar and Zarek are willing to role the dice and settle the fleet on a barely hospitable planet just to win an election. Power is that important to them it would seem.

The final debate was fascinating to me. Laura is playing the religious card she still holds, yet refuses to refer to the scriptures as religious doctrine. She will not allow them to dictate the government, but strongly believes (and she has recent history to back this up) they contain real world relevance and will guide them to a safer home. Laura’s argument is the more logical and rational one. It is Baltar who is, in fact, playing on the fears of the people – no hope, no future other than what they now have, Cylon attacks being imminent. Yet, he accuses Laura of using that device by not allowing the people to stop being afraid. Hey, remember what happened the last time you stopped worrying about the Cylons? Anyone? It’s all happened before. It will all happen again.

OK, one final gripe. Considering in ‘Bastille Day’ we had Lee reaffirm his support of Laura as president and promise that, when the day came, she’d have his vote it would have been nice to see a little reminiscence of that here.
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