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Remember me mentioning attempting to dowload a TV series six days ago? Well, it worked! It was very slow going in the beginning. writteninstars even tried the link to assure me *I* wasn't doing something wrong. She informed me it was an 'unhealthy' torrent. I didn't even know torrents could get sick! I kept trying though and by Friday afternoon I had a wopping 8% of the data. I was about to give up when I noticed Friday evening, while IMing with danceswithwords, that it was suddenly moving a lot faster. DWW can attest to my excitement. ;) By the time I went to bed I had about 20%, I left my computer on all night, and when I woke up I had 40%, but the torrent had slowed once more. Last night it picked up speed again and I went to bed at 80%. Woo Hoo! it had finished when I got up this morning. What followed was a nervous clicking of the folder to see if anything was there and Phew! there be all six episodes. :) As I perusing, there was a momentary bout of panic thinking I had downloaded the wrong season when I didn't find who I was looking for. But, I found him. In case anyone is still wondering what show I'm talking about, it's Ultimate Force with, drumroll please.....Jamie Bamber. It's also a series he hated doing so much that it sent him running to LA to audition for other roles. We should really thank the producers of the series. If not for them Jamie would not be playing Lee Adama.

And if you want to read in more detail about how Jamie came to be cast in BSG, check out bijoux's recap of appearances by Jamie, Ron, David, Katee, EJO, Mary, Grace, and James at the William S Paley Television Festival. The recap can be found here. And balcarin posted pics! Apparently Jamie can dress himself. Guh. And Katee looks lovely, but she really needs to tone down the eyeliner. You may wish to check out the official site for the event. They've been posting pictures from the panel discussions, but they seem to be several days behind and the ones for the BSG folks aren't up yet.

Back to the torrent thing. Some questions for you experts. The download is complete, but I notice it's still uploading. I recall seeing something on the site asking that you keep the link open for awhile to help others in the process. And the torrent now says "share ratio, 102%, will seed indefinitely." OK, first I have a sick torrent and now it's seeding indefinitely? Can someone translate this for me? I'm trying to become knowledgable before the new series of 'Who' premieres.
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