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Podcast for 'Lay Down Your Burdens Pt 1'

In my continuing efforts to spare you all, in this case, from boredom. I actually ended up going on the internet while listening to this one. I don’t think I missed anything vital though.

* As guest commentator we had…Ron’s wife Terry. She doesn’t work on the show. She was just on the computer in his office apparently and the kids were asleep so I guess she had nothing better to do. I have to say, she wasn’t as annoying as Ron and called him on his crap on more than one occasion. Go Terry! She also mentioned she checks out the boards everyday which Ron quickly jumped in and stated, no, she doesn’t. She didn’t get what the big deal was by her saying that and he informed her if people think she’s reading what they are saying they’ll begin addressing comments to her along the lines of ‘Terry, would you please tell Ron to….’ I hate to say it, but he has a point.

• According to Ron, finales develop late in the season, either in the back half or at the very last minute. This finale was discussed during the back ten.

• They always planned on doing the election during this season. He said that in ‘Bastille Day’ it is mentioned that the election should be in nine months and it’s now nine months later. I’m not sure if that’s accurate.

• If not for the issue of the planet, Laura would definitely win the election. The discovery of the planet changes the dynamics.

• David Eik did not like the scene with Laura giggling. Ron felt it set the tone he wanted. It showed that Laura is winning, she is doing well, she’s relaxed, and that she believes victory is just around the corner. It also humanizes her character.

• In the initial drafts, they were going to take the heavy raider itself to Caprica and have the other ships slaved to it. That idea got scrapped because they were way over budget for the finale. You don’t miss it at all.

• He really liked the scene with Lee in the ready room. You can see him comfortable in his new element *and* being treated as commander. The ship is becoming his.

• the scene between Lee and Kara kept getting cut and put back in. The episodes were running very long and they weren’t sure the network would give them an extended finale (they were shooting for a two hour episode 20). Once the got the extra time, the scene was reinserted.

* They’ve tried to wrap up all the various story threads in the final two, playing with as many of the continuing plotlines as they possibly could.

• Reason #1 I love Michael Rymer: He didn’t understand why Tyrol was dreaming of jumping/killing himself. He told Ron that the most obvious reason is that he thinks he’s a cylon. Ron loved the idea (me too if only because it gave us a reason for his actions!) and the irony of it is that Tyrol fears hurting someone, wakes up, and does just that.

• There was a debate between Ron and either Eik or Rymer on whether people actually vote their hopes or their fears.

• Cavel’s line to Tyrol about not being a Cylon because he hasn’t seen him at any of the meetings was a throwback to the mini. In the mini, Six says the same thing to Baltar in regards to Dorel.

• The raptor team jumping into the mountain was a take on ‘beaming someone inside solid rock’ – an idea they thought about/used on ‘Trek’.

• Reason #2 I love Michael Rymer: Originally, they were to shoot Cavel and Tyrol walking through the ship and talking at the same time. Other events, such as the debate, were to be cut into the background. Rymer didn’t think it worked; it was too distracting. And he wanted to hear the debate whereas Ron thought it was boring.

• David Eik will be doing the finale podcast with him. And I better stop there. ;)
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