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New X3 Trailer

I wasn't going to sit trough two hours of '24' to catch it, nor waste tape taping it when I figured it would be online soon enough, but, as luck would have it, I managed to catch it right after turnng on the TV.

I can't imagine what these films would be like without Hugh Jackman. In a lesser actors hands, at best, I wouldn't care so damn much. At worst, I'd probably laugh at some of the lines he must say. There's a clip where he's telling Jean/Phoenix that they can help her. They can make things right, like they were before. And you see the desperation and anguish written all over his face. Unfortunately, her response of "kill me" is too reminiscent of the 'Alien' films to be as heartbreaking as it should be.

In the earlier trailer released by FOX, we saw clips of a funeral. Now we see Logan on his knees crying being comforted by Storm in front of Xavier's empty wheelchair. That can't be good.

Rebecca Romijn gets to go without all the blue latex again. She is wearing a black wig though. Does the serum that supposedly reverses the mutant gene and make the mutants 'normal' get tested on her?

Cyclops looks to have another small role. I was never a fan, so, whatever.

Logan's "I'm not your father" line to Rogue was a relief otherwise there would now be a lot of icky fanfic. ;p

So, when Jean becomes Phoenix she goes evil? (You can answer that one.) She seems to be playing on Magneto's team now.
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