Asta 2


I know this ep is probably worthy of deeper analysis, but it's late and I'm sleepy, so here are some off the cuff thoughts. (Psst, I liked it *a lot* better than the last ep. ;)

House and Wilson are now shacked up. How many of you slashers passed out cold by that turn of events? At least it was at the end of the ep. ;) All I can wonder is ‘Can two emotionally screwed up men live together without driving each other crazy?’

Warren! Weiss! My fandoms are colliding again. Seriously, if Mary McDonnell had shown up as the heart patients ex, my head may have exploded.

They changed the structure a bit this week. They actually diagnosed the patient quickly *and* accurately. Of course, that was to set up the arrival of Patient B, but, still it was nice to avoid the numerous incorrect diagonosis before getting it right late in the fourth act.

Have we ever seen House hands on in an emergency before? It was very cool seeing him in action like that.

It was an interesting twist that the assessment of Patient A (VD was causing the health problems) was actually true of Patient B. I was as shocked as Cameron when House appeared nice and lied to the husband. I should have known better. House was typically House. Yet, I have to begin to wonder when his callous behavior really becomes inexcusable. I cringed when he referred to Patient B as “meat we’re dealing with here” right in front of the husband. And he respects the living? Since when?

But when introduces Amy in a “hugely manipulative” move, we see that it’s not just that he knows he’s an ass, unlike most asses, he is willing to bare the consequences of his actions. Sure, I don’t think he expected to get the family jewels kneed when telling the husband to “take it out on me not on her”, but the important thing for him is he won.

OK, the husband was a bastard for cheating, getting gonorrhea, and then lying about it. But I liked seeing a family member not sitting ideally by, weeping, or whining that everyone else isn’t doing enough. He took an active role in the case. And it wasn’t some overly melodramatic turn when he refused to take his wife off life support. He was ready to let her go. He wanted her wishes, if at all possible, carried out and the life of another saved. To go so far as to have him chime in with “Her toxin screen was clean” may have stretched plausibility, but he seemed to have earned House’s respect enough to be allowed to stay in the room while they were working.

Best line: “I assume House is a great doctor…because when you are that big a jerk you’re either great or unemployed.”

Best exchange: “Maybe I’m going through something that I need to have an actual conversation about.”/”If you need that kind of friend you may have made some deeper errors.”

No new episodes for three weeks?! What the….Damn you to Hell FOX!

Oh, and after watching this episode my mother announced she doesn’t want a heart transplant. Not that she needs one. Her heart is perfectly healthy last we heard. But I should know for future reference. We also got into a discussion on how she doesn’t believe I’d pull the plug. Oh yes I will…
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Oh, but they are screwed up in a matching way. *g*

In fact, I have been murdered by the gay overdose and thus can't discuss anything else at the moment. But yay Warren! And cool PotW stories! And three weeks in which to read the H/W Odd Couple slash!

... see? It's terminal.
I'm sensing there will not be much deep discussion with this episode. It's all about the last minute or so. ;-)
Second best line : "Cheese is the devil's plaything". Seriously though is Joss secretly working on this show? First Andrew, now Warren and in a few weeks Dawn? Plus the whole sex is bad for you storyline. I'm starting to wonder.
Three weeks!! Holy hell!!
I just found out about Michelle guesting last night! And we're now just missing one of the trio. I didn't even think about the evil cheese and sex. Hee. Fury is working on 24 now, right? ;)
Thanks for the summary keypoints.

And its not so much if you 'pull the plug" its are you laughing when you do? ;-p
Warren! Weiss!

I so totally thought of you when Weiss showed up on top of Warren. (I leave that line unedited for the sake of W/W shippers everywhere).

Fandom is making it harder and harder to get lost in the moment.
And I just found out Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker will be in the season finale of 'How I Met Your Mother'. So who do they pair Alexis up with more? His real life wife or TV girlfriend???
When Wilson asked if he could move in, I swear I heard the keyboards of a thousand slash writers fire up. I think this will make for some interesting interactions. Hopefully, some that will lead to a few character realizations for the audience. I foresee a giant fight somewhere in the future (but please do not let there be makeup sex of any kind).

Have we ever seen House hands on in an emergency before?

I don't think we've ever seen that before. It was nice to see House perform medicine in a hands on way instead of just figuring it out in his head. Of course, we've seen him give injections and such but nothing this dramatic or immediate. It sort of made you go, "Wow, House is a doctor!"

You're right. House is an ass. Some of the comments he made about the deceased woman were offensive to me. I actually enjoyed it when he got kneed. I may have laughed out loud. He deserved it, if not for his behavior last night, then definitely for his cummulative offensiveness. I just wish Wilson could have been there. After House cracked him in the leg with his cane last episode, I'm sure he would have enjoyed it. Still, for all his nastiness, House seemed more human than usual at some points. When he gave Weiss his condolences he truly seemed genuine and again when he pointed out that Weiss could forgive the diet pills and hair dye deceptions in light of the bigger picture. He was more of a dichotomy than usual. Of course, he did leave it up to Cameron to break the gonorrhea news after he lied about it.

Warren! Weiss! My fandoms are colliding again

Isn't it fun? Particularly when the guest stars do such a good job.

No new episodes for three weeks?! What the….Damn you to Hell FOX!

I know! They feed us one new episode every three weeks and expect that to suffice. They're pushing us toward mutiny and if they go any further may they rue the day!

It sort of made you go, "Wow, House is a doctor!"

Exactly! I mean, we knew he was a genius when it came to the deductive reasoning, but it was the first time I really felt I'd want this guy in the room treating me if my life was in danger. Cameron, Chase, and Foreman have never been that smooth in a crisis.

He deserved it, if not for his behavior last night, then definitely for his cummulative offensiveness.

Yeah, I had that 'you really had THAT coming to you' feeling and not just for being so insensitive to Weiss (since that's what you're calling him ;p). And considering how quickly House came back from it, not saying a word to Weiss, I think he knew he got what he deserved and that he's been lucky to avoid such anger thus far. Of course, it also goes hand in hand with his masochism and self-loathing and needing the pain.

He was more of a dichotomy than usual.

He did seem to have a tiny bit of genuine sympathy for both Weiss and Wilson. And he had that moment of empathy/understanding when Patient A talked of the pitfalls of one night stands with people you love. I don't want House to change, but it would be nice to see him grow.
::Cue the theme from The Odd Couple:: I can't wait :)

Aside from Weiss, who I thought was very good, it was good to see Howard Hesseman as well. Great guest stars!

And the only consolation we have at waiting three weeks is that they say there will be no more interruptions for the rest of the season. There better not be!