Jose & Trina be glad to hear this....

Because they won't have to see you until October? ;)
You know, I'll be a heretic: I really don't mind that. I'm actually looking forward to taking a breath after the end of the season. And to be entirely selfish: I want to get my post-season 1 epic done before season 3 starts. :-)
Hee. Well, it did cross my mind that this would give me a lot of free time to write fic. And considering Ron won't even put them in a room together, I feel it's my duty to get them to have more sex. ;-)
I do think it could be a very good thing in terms of allowing them time to get their shit together in terms of storytelling. I am so impatient--not least because I know they're going to leave us on a huge cliffhanger of some kind--but if it works out better for the show in the long run, then I'm willing to wait.

I'm not sure how this will affect viewership. On one hand, it could give some new people a chance to get indoctrinated caught up, and there's not much else on on Friday nights to provide competition. And I suspect that most of their current audience is fairly devoted. But this could push any on-the-fence people to, well, the wrong side of the fence (at least from the show's perspective).

Of course, I will have to build myself a bunker in Alaska to avoid being spoiled, but maybe it will be worth it. :)
I do think it could be a very good thing in terms of allowing them time to get their shit together in terms of storytelling.

And now I wish I'd said that, because that's the really good non-selfish (or collectively selfish?) reason.

As for spoilers, I think I did manage to be more or less completely unspoiled for the second season, at least the first few eps; things trickled through once the season got underway, but during the hiatus, it wasn't that hard. So I'm hoping no bunker will be necessary. *fingers crossed*
And now I wish I'd said that

Hee! Hey, selfish reasons are valid reasons. :D

I hope you're right about the spoilers. I'm just afraid that the longer hiatus is going to make people even more spoiler-hungry, and since (as you know), some people in this fandom can't seem to grasp spoiler etiquette, that could be trouble. But maybe I'm wrong.

I'm hoping maybe RDM's frustration with the spoiler leakage about the finale will lead him to crack down on that kind of thing, with the cast/crew and with his podcasts. That would be really helpful.
I can see the good and bad of it. Have you checked out the Sci-Fi board? OMG, the over-reaction! See, apparently, Sci-Fi hates the show/is board with it/feels it's too expensive/is mad at Ron and is, therefore, trying to get rid of it. Wouldn't canceling now be easier than paying for another twenty episodes? Ya know, I'm no fan of network execs, but Sci-Fi can't even be blamed for the premature ending of 'Farscape' which was the victim of the company that owned it going belly up. And the argument that it will suffer without the 'Stargates' as a lead in? BSG has actually done better than both those shows some weeks.

It's pretty much universally agreed that season 1 was a stronger season. Could it have been because they had more planning time and the episodes were conceived, written, and shot consecutively? And I'm assuming we'll be spared a three month break in the middle which is a good thing.

Most importantly, how does this effect our stalking plans?????
Oh jeebus. If Skiffy wanted to get rid of the show, they'd cancel it. And yes--BSG is still Skiffy's highest-rated show, so if anything, I'd think the Stargates might suffer without it. I'm with you--I have no love for the network suits, but this doesn't exactly seem like Phase 1 in an Ev0l Plan. It might turn out to a mistake, but I think it'll be an honest one.

There are also rumors that this could precede a move to NBC, which would be one reason for aligning it with the non-cable network schedules. Not sure how I'd feel about that, but again, no conspiracy theory, just possible bad decision.

how does this effect our stalking plans?????

Hee--good question! I was wondering about that. I guess it all depends on whether their shooting schedule changes... we'll have to keep an eye out for info about that. Did you have a time in mind that you were planning to come?
A move to NBC? Huh. I don't know if I'm buying that. However, I know with the more lenient syndication rules that numerous network shows are allowed to be repeated less than two weeks later on cable outlets. Could they be planning the reverse? Or running the show on the network during the summer instead of repeats of their regular programming?

As for stalking ;), I know shooting resumes in a month. I figured we wouldn't be going until after April, but I'm open to suggestions. Time to start doing recon I guess. :)
HAH! We had to wait until January. If only we get it in October next year.

(Honestly? Start date aside, I just want to be on track with the US so I can talk about a show with you again)>
It would be nice to be able to discuss the show together. :) You should be done with season 2 in May, correct? You'll have a much shorter wait than the rest of us if you end up with the October debut too. Hate you! :p
Yep, the monkees have taken over the programming at Sci-Fi I want my season 3 Galactica in July. grrrr. No matter how good or bad Eureka is (given that I live near one of the towns named Eureka), I rather have season 3 BSG.
I'm frustrated by the decision, yet given some stuff I'm hearing it would appear that Sci-Fi is looking at year round programming options and that it has faith in BSG to help build a new night of programming. And, honestly, I'm not sure the 'Stargates' provide any substantial beneift as a lead in. I'm also curious to see if the NBC rumors are true.