Asta 2

Ninety minutes and counting...

Why didn't it occur to me that a longer episode would mean a longer podcast? You people owe me! :p

I'm not paying much attention to SG-1. I got distracted reading Terry Moore's posts at the Sci-Fi board. Yep, unless someone has decided to really piss off fandom, MrsRon (her posting name) has decided to speak directly with the fans. Here's the thread if you're interested. I'm almost tempted to register just to put in a plug for Lee/Laura. ;)
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Oh dear, the Sci Fi board is kinda scary. (or maybe I'm just in a testy mood). But the banners, they hurt my eyeses!
I find most boards pretty scary. ;) She seems to be a long time lurker so she knows how rabid the fans can be. Still, I wonder how long this will last.