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Backtracking A Bit

I know I've stated on a couple of occassions that I would not discuss spoilage here simply because most of my FList don't so spoilage and it's just easier for them and me if I post my thoughts elsewhere. However, I'm going to bend my rule a bit. I saw ysrith posted over at thesecretcylon a link to an interview with Ron Moore in Now Playing regarding the shows plans for the third season. It's not super spoilery, meaning, we don't find out Lee Adama is a Cylon. ;) But he does discuss where they will be headed next season including what's going on on New Caprica, what it means for Baltar, and how quickly some things will be resolved. Honestly, while I still have questions about what I saw last night, I do feel a bit better after reading this. So, if you feel your stomach will be in knots until October, You may wish to check out the article. Now I shall get back to contemplating what we did see. Of course, it's a beautiful day and I should be out rather than thinking about all this. :p
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