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Lay Down Your Burdens Pt 2

I’m still trying to come to grips with much of what I saw, but here are some more substantial and coherent thoughts.

The previouslies held no real surprises for a change. We got a bit more of the cut Lee and Dee scene, but considering Lee had all of two scenes that really didn’t help. And we saw Gina telling Baltar he’s down by three points in the polls. OK, really not necessary.

My small quibbles involve the use of clichés. Cally expressed to Tyrol that she has seen his pain and that she deeply cares about him - a year later they are about to be parents. Kara asks Anders to kill her before the Cylons can take her – a scene played out too many times in too many mediums. And the OMG, I can’t believe someone wrote that award goes to…Adama telling Laura that he fears if she goes through with the rigging of the election that the cancer will spread to her heart. Eddie, how could you say that?

Mary McDonnell owned this episode. Her best line: “Are people really going to be that stupid?” Yes, yes they are. ;) Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed her quiet breakdown as she realizes that the election is lost, what the people are about to face, and the dignity with which she faced defeat, many of her actions did not make sense to me. Why did she not go to Adama sooner with what she believed to be true about Baltar? I can understand, given the circumstances surrounding her revelation, not going public, but Adama is someone she trusts now and he would have investigated – especially given his distrust Baltar. And Laura’s trying to get Baltar to shelve discussion of colonization was a sign of weakness. As was blurting out what she knew about him with no hopes of backing it up in public.

Adama’s refusal to go along with voting tampering is perplexing in light of, oh, removing the president from office illegally and later almost going through with assassinating his superior officer. What saved it for me though was his query, “Do we steal the results of a democratic election?” – a nice throw back to ‘Bastille Day’ with the father now sounding like the son.

There was some interesting use of language in this episode. Adama refers to Sharon as “that” after she betrays *his*trust be failing to inform them that Cavil is a Cylon. And as Sharon basically tells Helo it’s over, she no longer cares about anyone or anything, he still views them as a “we”. I’m really hoping he meets up with the ‘old’ Sharon now because it will force him to reevaluate the concept of ‘we’.

My initial anger at Kara has dissipated a bit. Upon watching the scene between she and Lee a few more times I see how clueless she really is. She’s so wrapped up in herself that she’s blind to Lee’s feelings. I’d even go so far as to say Anders feelings don’t matter to her much either. (That he even sees that she’s gone to far raised my opinion of him.)

I believe Lee wants to see her happy and if she believes this is going to make her happy, he’s going to try and deal with it. He makes a real effort to be supportive. You see him struggling. The kissing doesn’t devastate him, but he is visibly hurt. That was him not too long ago and it’s seemingly been forgotten by her - he gets his face rubbed in it as she flaunts her affection for the man she *really* loves. But I have to wonder if only part of it is personal. Is he still seeing her participate in self-destructive behavior? She may not be sleeping around, but she’s pouring all of herself into this one guy who she barely knows thinking this to be the answer to all her problems.

If this had been all there was to the scene, I think I would have been fine with it. It’s how she chooses to criticize his choices and how he is leading his life. Apparently, she doesn’t view Dee as a real girlfriend (while I don’t feel it’s a great love, I do believe they are a couple), just some young thing he’s frakking. That belittles both Lee and Dee. Not to mention, Lee is trying to move on after she closed the door on anything happening between them. He’s tried to respect her decisions; she has apparently not been respecting his.

Btw, I don’t think the rift between them was caused by this incident. After all, she admitted culpability in his brother’s death and it didn’t affect their relationship at all. It’s the exchange that Kara has with Tigh that clued me into we’re missing something. Tigh is actually kind when speaking of Lee, telling her he’s sure Lee would spring some meds for her. Kara doubts it to which Tigh replies “That was a long time ago. People change.” I strongly doubt Tigh would have any knowledge of what happened between them in the pilot’s quarters. More important is the “people change” comment. Why would Lee need to change? I’m wondering if there was a big blow up when she announced she was marrying Anders (because I don’t believe he feels he is the man for her) *and* her decision to leave the military. I can completely buy those two things causing their relationship to become icy.

Is Lee hoarding meds? I don’t think so. I think it’s a wise move to keep them on a Battlestar where the use can be regulated, especially if an epidemic were to hit. I also feel Lee was about to give her the drugs until the Cylons showed up.

Lee and Dee are likely still together. Her adoration of Lee seems to have cooled though. This may be a good thing because he never felt about her as she seemingly felt about him. And she gave off the vibe that that was not the first call from Kara.

Why did we have to get pudgy Lee? It was odd. Were we meant to think he stopped working out and staying in shape because he stopped caring? Jamie has not put on any weight so they’re going to have to whip out the padding again next season.

Can Dean Stockwell come back? Please? His, “Well, this is an awkward moment.” cracked me up. His message scared me in two ways. First, there was logic to it. People should be true to who they are, follow their own path, and not follow the path laid down by others. Aren’t children supposed to grow and evolve and be their own people?

Secondly, and I’ve mentioned this before, I see a Cylon civil war brewing. There seem to be many factions now within the race. Cavil makes it clear that they (and I believe he was referring to his model of Cylon) believes there is no god – that supernatural divinity is the primitives answer. Compare that to D’Anna’s belief that God loves *her*. Or Six’s belief in God’s love and how it should guide the Cylon.

And why have they abandoned their reprieve? Why is it no longer a mistake to be involved with the human race? And was it Gina’s mission to blow up Cloud 9 right after Baltar takes office or was it her personal vendetta? Let’s not forget Leoben looking for Kara. We really have no idea where his loyalties lie.

Gaeta’s act of conscience set all the events in motion and led them to where they are now. So, should we call him Two? Five? Twelve?

Will Lee and Laura ever have a scene together again? I’d actually be OK with the complete lack of any sort of relationship if a reason were conveyed for the lack of interaction. Wouldn’t it have made sense for Lee to have been at the swearing in? To see his reaction to leadership being passed from a woman he so strongly supported to a man he does not trust?

When will the articles get rewritten? There are twelve colonies of Kobol in name only now. People are really stuck in the past. And I see Baltar took down the white board. Well, when you loose a substantial portion of the fleet five minutes after taking office…

Tigh I found very interesting in this episode. His helping Laura didn’t shock me. He may not like her, but Baltar as president was too scary a thought for him. After having been in charge of the fleet with disastrous consequences, perhaps he is also more sympathetic towards her and what can go wrong when you have that much power. He may not agree with Laura on a lot of things, but he knows what to expect from her and knows she’s how she’ll deal with the pressure. Baltar is a loose canon.

Be careful what you ask for Ellen. She did not seem happy once they arrived on New Caprica. And she and Tigh looked rather shocked by Kara’s warm welcome. Kara’s “Yeah, it wears off” to Ellen’s “It’s pretty exciting” tells me that she, too, has not found the happiness or life she thought she would. She is excited to see these two people because they are a connection to Galactic – her real home.

I actually felt sorry for Caprica Six. She has no idea that the man she loves, the one she created in her mind, is not sitting in that chair. Why did they wait a year to come? They said they were a light year away but, um, they have FTL drives.

That access to nuclear weapons, once again provided by Baltar, is responsible for the fall of the human race, once more. It’s happened before; it’s happening again.

I'll probably have more to say, but I've got seven months to say it.
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