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Free At Last! AKA The Last Podcast of Season 2 ;)

I thought (hoped?) this podcast was going to be more interesting than it was. There was much rambling about stuff that seemingly had nothing to do with the episode and much praise of the cast, which was nice but not particularly enlightening.

One thing before I cut away, they were discussing how they did multiple edits on this episode because they were uncertain if Sci-Fi would give them the extra time they requested. In fairness to the network, from their explanation, it does seem to be a major scheduling headache when an ep runs long. As they were discussing scenes that were cut and then added back in after Sci-Fi gave the OK, David Eik mentions that an hour cut still exists for the international market. I’m not sure if “international” means every country outside the U.S. or not. Just a heads up to my friends in Canada when it finally airs there.

The Tyrol/Cally scene at the beginning is not in the international cut of the ep. So, I guess folks around the world get to play guess who the baby’s daddy is?

They like Tory a lot and we will see more of her. Ron talked about writing episodes 1 and 2 right now and needing to work her in somehow.

Ron liked Anders the best in this ep. We got to see more of him. Gee, you think those two things are related?

Laura’s scene confronting Baltar was cut at one point. As was the Ellen/Tigh scene aboard Galactica. One thing that still remains absent from the scene is Tigh telling Ellen that they’ll go down to the planet after one year and her agreeing to that arrangement.

The Kara/Anders/Lee scene: Ron just loves the scene and how great Kara/Katee is in it. David (though he wasn’t able to say much) seemed to understand better that this was far from a good moment for her. Ron goes on to explain she’s as hateful as she’s ever been (that’s a good thing?), yet there is something so pure about her reactions. She’s a kid on some level. She’s the happiest she’s ever been and she’s having an indulgent moment, not thinking about anything but her happiness. And poor Lee has been coveting and wishing and now gets to play the part of watching his ‘girlfriend’ with the other guy. The scene went on much longer with Anders picking up Kara and carrying her to bed.

Btw, the way Kara acted in the scene - the playfulness - that’s how Katee is in real life.

Cavil will be back. YAY! No surprise to me. Blow two out the airlock, there’s a backup somewhere.

Has anyone read the rumor that EJO is leaving the show? It started with the podcast. People need to listen to the *entire* commentary. Ron and David joke about how he won’t be back because they are going with a CGI Eddie in season 3. :p

EJO didn’t want to say the line with the word “gods” in it because Adama doesn’t believe in the gods.

Baltar’s girls and pills were Michael Rymer’s idea.

I didn’t catch this, but the cradle that Hera/Isis was in is the same white cradle that Baltar saw in his visions on Kobol.

"Fat Lee" was the thing David most worried about. Not because it’s an abomination as we see it ;), but because the makeup they used is tricky and they weren’t sure if would work.

Kandyse, they think, came up with the idea to give Lee some attitude when she hands the phone to him. But what does it mean???

OK, I hadn’t thought about it, but with skeleton crews on both ships it seems that Dee and Helo are XO’s now. Anyone else scared by that thought? Future episodes will show the circumstances as to how things came to be, such as how Dee came to be on the Pegasus.

They didn’t forget about the Sharon on Galactica – we’ll find out where’s she’s at next season.

James stayed up all night and drank to prepare for Baltar’s final scene. He wanted Baltar to look as bad as possible. Talk about dedication to your work!
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