Asta 2


OK, I'm probably one of the last to be aware of AOL's latest service, In2TV, in which you can stream video of classic (and not so classic) TV shows. But did you know that they have episodes of Brisco County? And Pinky and the Brain? And I can stream these and other shows at work? Wheeeee! As well as at home now that I have DSL. More Wheeeeee!!!

First thought about tonight's Bones - Ewwwwww

Oh, you will all be relieved to know the digital cable is back. I had to get a new cable box. It gave up it's will to go on. Apparently when it's blinking 88:88 it's the cable company's equivalent of 666. The customer service person's explanation, not mine. Seriously.
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Cool on the In2TV, (they even have Babylon 5!!!!) but as a Mac user they screwed me again. No XP, no workee.

Loved the cable box comparison though.
Well, it is new (isn't it?) maybe Mac capability will be forthcoming.

Or if Gates owns a piece of AOL, you're screwed.
First of all great icon!!!

As for will the Mac version be forthcoming, the website says I need Windows Media Player 10. Microsoft has abandoned any further development of WMP for the Mac (stopping at version 9 last updated in 2003).

So I suspect its time to buy the ky and a box of chocolates....
I still don't even know what streaming means. As long as I'm around you can always be confident that you are never the last to know tech stuff.
Streaming means you play it directly off the site. It's the same as if you went to a news site and played one of their video snippets.