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I don’t find I have a lot to say with the first two episodes of Doctor Who - ‘Rose’ and ‘The End of the World’. Please don’t collapse from shock. :p I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen the episodes before and while it was great seeing them on a bigger screen, I didn’t have the geeked excitement of having seen the show for the first time. It did strike me again that ‘Rose’ does an excellent job of setting up the new series for newbies such as myself who only have the vaguest idea of who Who was and his long and tangled history. Unfortunately, I’ll have to leave continuity analysis to the long time fans.


In the first five minutes, we are introduced to all the significant characters, are given a good look at the personalities of Rose and the Doctor, know we will be dealing with aliens invading earth, and get a glimpse of the Tardis. I’ve watched many shows where by the end of the premiere I don’t have a sense of the characters or the concept that I have here before the credits roll.

The Doctor: “Do you believe me?”
Rose: “No.”
The Doctor: “But you’re still listening.”

This exchange tells me a lot about Rose as a person and the relationship she will soon form with the Doctor. I think most people if they found themselves in the situation Rose found herself in, with a man talking about alien invasions and traveling through space, would have been using their cell phone to dial 911. It’s not that Rose is fearless, but her curiosity, her desire to see and be more, overrides any fear she has. When she’s given this fantastic (yeah, yeah, I know) opportunity she embraces it rather than runs from it.

When Rose googles Doctor Who it’s a perfectly logical thing to do is this day and age. It’s the fastest way to get the information you need. But it’s an odd blurring of real life and fiction when you stop to think of how many of us have googled the same phrases to find out information about the show.

I understand that because the Doctor is a time traveler it would be this version we see popping up throughout history in the photos. However, shouldn’t we be seeing other versions of the Doctor as well? Or was it a way of showing that this guy who thought he had it all figured out really didn’t?. After all, he thought the Doctor had a hand in all the bad events when, in fact, he was either there to simply observe or prevent something worse from happening.

Rose running into the Tardis, then running back out to look around it was rather dumb, imho. Obviously she knew where she just was. And with all the screwy things she’s seen and heard this is what she needs confirmation on?

Favorite line: “If you’re an alien then why do you sound like you’re from the north?”

The End of the World

Am I the only one who thinks there may be nothing left in 5 billion years? Maybe it’s my damn human pessimism.

In the fine tradition of ‘Doctor Who’ we have some really cheesy looking aliens. The blue makeup really bugged me because I kept thinking about American football fans. :/

I’m always happy when a show explains to me why everyone appears to be speaking English. ‘Farscape’ gave us translator microbes;‘Who’ gives us the Tardis getting in Rose’s head. Which now dawns on me as being relevant to a later episode. I’ll shut up now.

I really had no problem with letting Cassandra die. She was willing to let everyone else blow up along with the earth and she annoyed me. Never annoy me. ;) However, the Doctor’s rather cold reaction to watching it happen is very telling. We have mentions here and in ‘Rose’ as to the cataclysmic events that have shaped the Doctor’s existence and the pain he carries with him. And it seems to me that he has little problem seeing others suffer as he has. One may even say he can be vindictive. In Rose’s case, I’m not sure he was consciously aware of why he brought her to this point in time to see the destruction of her home, but it allowed for someone else to share in his pain and provided him with the opportunity to share his feelings as well.
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